Friday, March 12, 2021

Gran Torino

Again, another movie I thought I reviewed. Christ man, we're inching closer to 800 of these suckers, it's a miracle I remember my birthday.

Gran Torino, probably my favorite of Clint Eastwood's films and I got a lot of nice things to say about many of his movies. So veteran Walt has just buried his wife and is dealing with his less than loving family, when a Hmong family moves next door, and slowly but surely he connects more to that family and finds a quantum of solace in his later years. I think that's mainly why I like it so much is because of the dynamic between these characters, and all the actors do genuine great work. I know it's easy to make grumpy old man jokes, but I will refrain from that since I myself am a severely grumpy old man. But even I will admit Clint plays his part to perfection, a rugged, pissed off, unfortunately racist, and lonely man who gets out of his shell and becomes very attached to this family. I know people give shit to the racist remarks and I did too, but I know why it's there. The movie does have a no nonsense, all too real look into the world. There is racism and stereotypes, there are gangs, there are angry and violent people. But it also has people who genuinely care, people who get hurt because of unfair situations, people who think they are helping but make things worse. That's the world, it's bullshit, and a lot of people hate it but you either complain about it or start fixing it any way you can. That's what I got out of it, it's a movie that doesn't beat around the bush and I respect it for that. I mean Clint directs well enough and acts wonderfully, but I gotta give some major love to Ahney Her who plays Sue, sweet mother of sunshine this woman is the best. I love her attitude, her intelligence, the fact she can take shit and throw shit back, and I'll be damned if I don't praise her now. Fan-flippin'-tastic man, best character for me. It's been a minute since last I saw this so I was pleased to know there was more than what I remembered, a gruff wiseass veteran gets a young boy to help out around the place after he tries to steal his car. That is an injustice to the plot and intent of the movie. It's way more and way better. I am the first in line to complain about how movies should be escapism and not be a little too true to the world, but on the other hand I've seen grand films, wonderful films, films that make you go "Ooh" and actually say something important and brings up issues that need to be rectified. This is one of them, don't be a dick, live your life better, don't get pressured into stuff, accept differences. It's good stuff to be reminded of now and then. And it just goes to show how well the movie gets that through in various ways, it got me talking so what could it possibly do for you. Do I like the ending? Yes and no. I know fully why they did it that way, I like they did it that way, it would make the movie useless if they wanted to go all out but did I want a bit more? Sort of but I ain't complaining at all. And for a film 13 years old that still has some measure of impact and is still very true to this world, rubbish that it may be, it's just facts that not many movies have achieved such a thing. I of course say you should see it, full heartedly even, total 4 star movie, give it a solid 8/10. I very much enjoyed seeing it again, and I will tell you I will be goddamned if I did not like hearing Clint sing. Mighty good week for reviews, I'll see if I can throw something good for you next week.

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