Thursday, April 30, 2020

Ace Ventura When Nature Calls

I'm pretty certain I watched the first movie more than this one.

Is it bad? No, I don't think so. I did enjoy parts of it, and while it's not one of the better films this week there's good elements to it. Okay so Ace Ventura is recruited to travel to Africa to discover the whereabouts of a sacred animal to a small village before all hell breaks loose, we start off with a decent but sort of pointless parody/homage to Cliffhanger and we end on a kind of humorous ending. Apparently both the director and Jim were kind of against a sequel to the first movie, and really didn't want to do it but were contractually obligated to do so, but Carrey gives an enthused performance and not pulling a Sean Connery in You Only Live Twice, and the production is half decent with good shots of Africa landscape and animals. The comedy isn't as strong as the first time around, and if I'm being really honest it's the weakest comedy we've seen this week but isn't all bad at all, I mean for God's sake it gaves us the leg spear scene. I can't really call it a mystery this time around cause who has the means and motive to pit two villages against each other? Hmm, well it's either two australian poachers, the owner of a zoo, or the rich asshat white guy. And we don't even have to play Blue's Clues cause you're already really smart. And I know this gets brought up a bit so here we go, does the film reinforce stereotypes of native african people? To a dumb white kid, I didn't see too much that irked me, I mean yeah one group is called headhunters and for all I know could be talking in a language so fake it makes Klingon sound plausable so what do I know, and even Jim Carrey and the director were concerned about it before the movie premeired but I didn't see anything incredibly racist or horribly offensive, and I thought Maynard Eziashi and Sophie Okonedo were the standout performances besides our star, I just really liked seeing them. I'd give it 2.5 stars, 6.5/10, it's not imperative you see this movie unless you really need more Ace Ventura in your life. But it's an okay movie, and even if it's just to be seen once in your life, sure why not, go for it. Last film of this week will be an odd choice, the movie which almost killed Jim Carrey's career just one year after he got super famous, so stay tuned and I'll tell you about it.

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