Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Ace Ventura Pet Detective

Yeah, it's my favorite. What a twist!

I'm pretty sure this was the first Jim Carrey movie I saw, might have been Batman Forever but I'm hedging my bets on it being this one. And I could be here all damn day telling you how much I love it, I was reciting lines left, right, and center through the whole thing and had a total blast with it, so it's gonna get the best rating even if I'm very nostalgically biased towards it. I can't even imagine how big the movie was in 1994, seeing as how I wasn't born yet but I can certainly imagine! I mean Jim got a one-two punch with The Mask and Dumb And Dumber, but this was just a knockout for that year. And while it is undoubtedly a comedy first it still has crime elements, with Ace Ventura the world's best and only pet detective called in to retrieve the Miami Dolphin's mascot and figure out who kidnapped the poor creature and why. Incredibly basic plot that I can attest that even a small child can understand, and to be fair the mystery/detective parts are handled well and keep you invested until the end. But the comedy is what gets people coming back, and Jim Carrey is on top form in this, though I've loved his performances in the previous movies of his that I've reviewed, this is just next level. I actually found out recently that Carrey built his Ace persona around birds, the colorful hawaiian shirts, the absurd yet glorious hair, the exaggerated neck movements, I certainly see it now. To be honest, his comedy hits every time for me in various degrees, from a quick smile to hard laughs, and I'll be honest his schtick never got old for me. These 3 movies I reviewed were the big ones for me, watched them constantly and never got tired of the antics, and while I've grown and my taste and sensibilities have changed there's still a part of me that loves these movies. But Jim isn't the only one who is good in this, Courtney Cox is fun and has quite good chemistry with Jim, Sean Young hasn't aged a day since Blade Runner and is friggin' fit as hell in this movie, I even liked seeing Tone Loc again though bless him I don't think he's been in much since the 90s. So cast is great, comedy is a blast, the crime solving aspects are handled well, and it even made football tolerable to me. Is there anything I don't like? Well I can see one thing about a certain aspect of the film that might not have aged well, if you know you know, and while I certainly can totally understand where people are coming from and even agree with them on points, I can also say that people shouldn't take it too seriously to the point you can't enjoy the movie. I'd blame more the individual for taking a certain mindset away from this movie than the movie itself, because the director and cast absolutely meant no ill will, but I totally get a bit of the concerns. Does it hurt the score? No. Do I think people should take a chill pill and not make everything an issue? Yes. All in all, it's still a favorite of mine, and not even like a guilty pleasure I unironically love Ace Ventura, I think it's a very funny and entertaining movie and I'll no doubt keep watching it in the future and just as a bonus I'm gonna review the sequel too. But in the meantime, 4 stars! I dare even give it an 8/10, and I'll see you next time when nature calls.

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