Friday, February 14, 2020

Sonic The Hedgehog (2020)

Eh, not bad.

I would say the new Sonic movie does fit into the good video game movie catalogue, I have seen better but I've also seen worse. I truly thought it was a decent movie and when I was on my way home the question arose to me, "What makes a video game movie good?" and the simple answer is it has to have the spirit of the game in it (and we're talking strictly live action here, cause animation almost automatically wins every time) and work in the movie's setting. This actually does, it quickly establishes this isn't a world where humans coexist with Sonic characters but the world Sonic comes from is different and very akin to the game setting. I found it interesting how the golden rings work like basically a Doctor Strange sling-ring, but it was executed well. I will say the story is very basic with no frills, it is quite predictable at times, and there's some glaring plot holes that keep the film from lasting as long as an episode of Sonic X, but it's certainly not bad. Sonic lives in the peaceful small town of Green Hills in secret before he is discovered, and the military call in Dr. Robotnik to seek out the blue devil while Sonic is trying to retrieve his rings to leave Earth. Dirt basic plot but I will fully admit there's good stuff in it. I do like Sonic's voice and mannerisms though to be perfectly honest I think he has psychological issues, from my own diagnosis I saw elements of bipolar disorder, depression, and multiple personalities. I genuinely thought there were cute and endearing moments occasionally from our two human protagonists, Tom and Maddie. And last but certainly not least Jim Carrey. Jim, Jim, Jim I have no issue saying you were the best part of the entire movie. Yes he has his Jim Carrey-isms a bit, but he did genuinely make me laugh quite strongly and is such a strange casting choice that it becomes completely awesome. It was like Edward Nygma 2.0 with 35% more facial hair, and a true craftsmanship with robots. Hell the best scene in the whole film is him doing experiments in his lab and just being his weird crazy self, and in all honesty I really really, without question or doubt, want that friggin' coat he has. Black and red, nothing is more aesthetically pleasing to my eyeballs. The negatives are really just the basic and recognizable plot, coupled with the less than positive tropes of kids movies nowadays. It's not skull peeling, but it has it's moments where you just roll your eyes. When they do the, oop Sonic's dead guys, thing not once but twice....eugh. Yeah it's that kind of movie. Truth be told if they kept that meth head nightmare creation of a design this film would have suffered a much worse rating, and while I am happy they delayed the film to fix the design, here's the double edged sword: They were okay with putting that out there, they didn't do the classic design first and foremost, they were fully willing to spew that bullshit across every theater screen around the globe. Which I find inexcusable from the production company, not the designers. So I would take a half point off just because they thought they could pull that travesty on us and get away with it. Overall, I'd give this movie 3 stars, 6.5/10. It's not garbage but it's not super good either, it's just a decent movie with good elements in it. It's fine for what it is and does have some fun and entertainment, but boy could it have been worse. At least the movie reminded me why I worshipped Jim Carrey in my youth, any movie of his I saw was a favorite of mine and I'd totally love to do some tribute reviews soon. PS. I would not suggest this movie for a Valentine's Day date but if the product placement in the film told me anything, get your butt down to an Olive Garden (Seriously, what the f***?).

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