Saturday, February 22, 2020

The Magnificent Seven

Guess who finished the review but forgot to post it? (I was working on review stuff I promise, next Monday you get a double feature.)

I can't even believe they had the balls to remake this movie, what the hell is the point? I'm not saying a story like this couldn't work in a modern times setting but if you're just going to make it cowboys again then just stop. And this is quite a good movie, I daresay even that people who just claim westerns of that time just ripped off Kurosawa films need to take a time out cause shocker, Kurosawa himself gave a glowing review. So I don't want to hear any nonsense about american bastardization of foreign cinema, it's worked before and it can work now. Yes, the main story of a small town besieged by bandits who have to hire seven gunslingers is similar but the movie has enough distinguishing factors in terms of characterization, performances, and setting to make it unique enough. It's similar but it's not derogatory. I really enjoy our main cast, I've actually been a fan of Yul Brynner since I saw Cecil B. Demille's Ten Commandments when I was 5 or 6 years old and I'm always excited when I see his name in a movie's credits because he's such a cool personality, Steve McQueen is still the man and shows he can act in period settings whether it be the old west, World War 2, or the 1950s suburbs, James Coburn is wonderful as well and again he's very much a fun person to have in a movie despite the context and setting, Charles Bronson has already proven to me how well he works in a western movie so I was all for seeing more of him. The chemistry between them all is also really good and come on, how can you get a better western villain than Eli Wallach? But the production is very good too, seeing as how this was the last real decade of western films the quality is still just as strong in any other film of the genre. And it really doesn't bother me that the story follows similar beats, because it's such an enjoyable film from our stars. I doubt there is a western out there that really could top Once Upon A Time In The West, but I'm incredibly happy to have seen this movie regardless. The action is handled well, nothing fancy but certainly not boring or dull either, I do enjoy the characters and the story, this is still regarded as one of the best westerns made and I can't very well argue with that. 4 stars, 7.5/10!

Ugh, this week has been too hectic. It really does bring my blood to a boil when I forget something as important as a review and that sucks because my memory is shot to all hell, and I never want to dissappoint. Next week will be better, movie review, new movie review, television review, all bases covered and I can't wait.

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