Monday, February 24, 2020

Dead Like Me: Season 2

It does kinda bum me out this only got two seasons.

This really hit every mark I wanted it to, the first season was good but this season really did hit it's stride and definitely is the superior season. It's funny because you think, oh new season new cast and situations, but that is far from it. It still hits the same beats from the first season, but not in a bad way where it just seems like they're treading the same waters but builds upon those situations and characters more. It's safe to say the first season was more drama mixed with bits of comedy, but this season is friggin' hilarious but can still hit you with some emotions and even has kind of a powerful moment which I rarely see in television shows. George is still reaping away with her coworkers, as we see her grow more comfortable with the work and come to terms with her new existence which I think is handled quite well. A bit more time is dedicated to her mom and sister, and somehow Reggie has become my favorite character, with Joy being my absolute most despised character. I didn't really elaborate on them too much mainly because I wanted to see if they got better, but Joy is insufferable and I know people grieve in different ways, that is not the problem, the problem is she does not like how OTHER people grieve. Just put their stuff away in a box, put it in the basement, never speak of it again. That is not how you move on, death is a horrible thing to confront when it involves family you love, but this is inexcusable behavior. And it affects Reggie, cause you see she's still torn up about her sister and she gets nothing for comfort or reassurance from her mom or hell, anybody. I really really was on her side and she was the most involved character of the show for me, (and I may or may not have greatly loved her goth phase because, future daughter goals). So she jumped from best human character to best character period, with a close second by Rube. I really appreciate we get backstory to him and get a better understanding of his character, which is at times very sad. They did such good work on these characters, taking one note stereotypes and building them to be something better and more interesting. I wish more shows had that kind of quality leap. I was just so much more invested in this season because we didn't need to learn anything about the mechanics and relationships, you just get to enjoy the reapers in their element and have a closer connection to the family. That is great! I mean I of course know you need an introduction, you need setup, preamble, information to get you up to speed. But here? That's not required, you just watch and enjoy, and have a great time. This was a pretty damn good show and I really wish they got a third season, but everything has it's time so Dead Like Me was done and over and I have to say the ending wasn't all bad. It does kinda cap off the series in a fulfilling way, and I can rest easy that Georgia and our favorite breakfast eating reapers keep up the good work and that there is hope for her grieving family. 4 stars, 8.5/10, a fine end or perhaps a better beginning.

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