Monday, February 17, 2020

Harold And Maude

Oh man I feel like an ass not seeing this sooner in my life.

I have no issue saying Harold And Maude is a great movie, though when it opened in 1971 it was favored with mixed reviews but it's certainly a movie you can appreciate more nowadays. It's such an odd little movie and became a cult hit for decades, and for good reason. The story concerns a young man who is obsessed with death and soon meets an older woman who is a bit out there but they inexplicably attract one another and a quite lovely relationship blooms between them. The thing with this movie is while the plot may not seem like much new, it's truly the details and humor that propel it from being a good movie to a really great movie, and I could talk and explain them all day but you just have to see the movie. I almost daresay I shouldn't tell you a thing beyond bare bone basics, just so you have those hard reactions and can enjoy the movie without hinderance. I will say that Bud Cort is amazing and the character quirks and mannerisms he has got me hooked very quickly (not to mention I may have laughed just a tiny bit too hard at certain scenes with him). Ruth Gordon is absolutely brilliant in this movie, so dang funny, so flippin' charming, I really don't think the movie would have worked at all without these actors. And I like the fact that they are weird, they are eccentric, but that's not their entire performance because they have incredibly strong moments where they show that they are still people and not just over the top caricatures. It doesn't come off as a dark and slightly twisted spoof of a romance, it just shows two odd people that find great solace and friendship together despite it being unusual circumstances that brought them together. And yes I do fully support this relationship, they have wonderful chemistry together and have even lovelier moments. The film looks spectacular at times, worthy of being shown in art museums with certain shots, and the editing is actually a bit unconventional of the time. To be honest this is how movies are more edited today than in 1971, though the visuals, music, and cinematography couldn't be mistaken for anything else but the 70s. I can't even imagine how much of a different beast this was in cinemas at that time, it's completely unconventional in almost every way but it still has such a unique charm and wicked sense of humor to keep you watching it. It's certainly a comedy first but there's moments where you get unbelievable bits of wisdom, and it has quiet atmospheric moments to it which just made me love this movie to death. Like this really and truly is a movie made for me in every sense. So you know I'm going to give it 4 stars, there was never a question about it. 8.5/10, I friggin' adored this bizarre sweet piece of cinema, I am no doubt adding it to my Criterion Collection and I really hope you enjoy it. This was a real treat guys and if you got Prime Video you can watch it right now, and I swear it's worth the 90 minutes even if you don't love it. Just...great start to this week and the next two movies can be found there too, so stay tuned for more recommendations.

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