Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Carnival Of Souls

Now we truly start October.

Carnival Of Souls is not only a great cult classic, but I think it's so good this will become a regular film to watch during the Halloween season for me. The story follows a woman who after surviving a car crash goes on a search to find her place in the world again while being plagued by visions of ghouls, and a mysterious building once used as a carnival, which is now derelict. There is much to be admired here, for a low budget of $33,000 this movie does a lot in terms of atmosphere, chilling scenery, creepy music, and a basic but still quite enticing movie. I was drawn to it the first time I saw it, and I honestly can say that this is one of a few movies where you can analyze it to whatever degree you wish or simply take it at face value and lose nothing. For a completely amateur crew, director, and actors this is still a very good movie. It's slow, almost dream like or perhaps a slow building nightmare that draws you in and keeps you guessing until the end. The imagery used is unforgettable and the organ music can be genuinely bone chilling especially paired with the ruins of the carnival which is actually a real place, Saltair where you can visit it even today. It's one of the most interesting movies I've ever seen and I almost daresay to watch it how I did the first time. Let me set the scene: It's late one evening, everyone's going to bed and I'm lounging on the couch. I'm restless. It's late October, I long for a creepy classic when I decide to watch Carnival Of Souls. I sit alone, in absolute darkness as the organ music fills my ears and I soak up every ghoulish image on the screen. I don't finish the movie until near midnight, but the atmosphere it created in my mind left me creepily uncomfortable and made me have dreams of silent people waltzing in the shadows....

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