Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Evil Of Frankenstein

And now Hammer joins Universal to bring an.....okay Frankenstein movie.

Yeah, so Hammer co-produced this installment with Universal and my God, you thought it was going to be really good and guess what? It's sub-par at best. Plot is boring, mainly dealing with the good doctor finding a previously made monster (which we have little to no background on) and they employ the help of a hypnotist that has vengeance issues, and my lord could this movie be more boring? This definitely is one of the weaker installments, I mean you hear Universal and Hammer teaming up to make a horror movie, you expect the friggin' creme de la creme of quality and you don't get much. The design of the monster itsslf is terrible, combining Jack Pierce's makeup with 60s makeup. It's bad, but granted I have seen worse even in this series! Now while the sets are fantastic in some respects, with probably the best laboratory set in the series, and even the acting is still good, the material to work with is so forgettable and kinda rubbish. I don't know, it's just not all that great. The movie is very basic, with little to keep you interested or entertained. Skip it unless you're a hardcore fan, and hopefully I'll enjoy the next one more.

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