Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Lobster

What a weird movie. I liked it.

Wow. Oh my God. I'm sorry, I find it difficult to describe this movie. The Lobster is a drama I would say, with tiny bits of comedy peppered in centering around a society in the not too distant future where single people are forced to find love within 45 days or be transformed into a animal of their choice, which is where we meet our main character David who has just recently been divorced and must find love or be transformed into a lobster. What follows is both an absolutely brilliant satire on love, or rather society's viewpoint of what love is, how is it formed, how is it achieved and a truly disturbing view into the human psyche. The film has some great use of dark comedy though scant, but it is extremely adult orientated and deals with a quite frankly disturbing reality. Whether you have lost your loved one through either a break up, a divorce, or even death you are forced to go to a hotel to find a companion in a limited amount of time or be transformed into a animal, your entire being is stripped of all identity focusing on one unique trait whether it be fair hair or a limp to sum up who you are, you have no choice in how to express yourself through clothing or music, only what is ordained. Being a single person in this reality is considered a crime! You have to be with someone. I would not bode well in this society. It is fascinating to watch this movie, because it flat out mocks how people pursue and win love but also how the human mind copes with such a world as this one potrayed in the film. It almost takes a cynical and cold look at relationships which I have to applaud the film to some degree, you never see that in movies. I'm kind of speechless after viewing it because not of how odd and surreal it is, but of how true and thought provoking it is. I would certainly have to recommend it but to who? Who is the target audience of the film? I would say adults because of it's mature content and thought provoking messages but nothing is concrete about it. It could be teenagers but I think it would severely jade them on basic human interaction let alone romance. This entire movie is a complete mystery. What is it?? I mean I like it, I enjoyed it, it's a true solid film that needs to be seen by most people but it just confounds me as to what to call this movie. A human drama perhaps? A surreal romance? There's probably not a good title for it so I implore you to watch this just so we could discuss it with other people. Wow guys, um...this film is quite a special thing, I'm probably never going to forget this bizzare little movie and hopefully some of you feel the same.

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