Thursday, January 19, 2017

So It Begins....

And the school year has begun. I have...mixed opinions on it. I enjoy getting back in there and progressing my education but with the schedule I have set up, the work haul is much greater than before, thus creating problems in terms of reviews. I'm going to be lucky if I get ONE review out this week! That shouldn't happen and regarding the fact that I don't have many movies and am concentrating on vast series with more than quadruple the run times of a standard feature film, hell even some extended films, it's going to become a bit of a problem to review them. Granted, I'm still going to try, I'm even taking a cinema class to better my analysis of media. Almost every action I take is going towards this! So know I'm not abandoning this site, these reviews, the people who take time out of their day to hear my ramblings and opinions, if I could do this full time and get paid for it, I would never stop. So I'm merely asking for patience in the following weeks at least until I get a good handle on this, I'm even taking a night class (Yay....) so it will take time to get used to and hopefully with the introduction of my cinema class, I can atleast get some new material. But if the gods are kind I can get a review out by tomorrow or Saturday. So bare with me here, and as always have a fantastic evening.

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