Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Truman Show

I'm actually really happy I'm reviewing this. I can't believe I've put it off this long.

The Truman Show is a very well made film which showcases Jim Carrey's amazing dramatic acting skills and shed a new light on the actor. The story is weird and very metaphysical I would say, it centers around the life of an ordinary man Truman Burbank, who just lives his day to day life. But his whole life is a show, it is filmed for millions of people around the world who are enthralled to just watch an ordinary man live his life, broadcasted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is a fascinating concept, and can be delved into very deeply, not just on a simple physical level but deeper into a psychological, ethical, and emotional point of view. Granted the idea of our reality being untrue and another lying beyond our knowledge is not new, but the way the film potrays it all and how it deals with the subject matter makes it very endearing to watch. Carrey's performance as I said is great, he can be a bit of a clown and have fun but when it hits hard you buy it, you totally buy the emotion. It's a great movie, and certainly should be viewed by lots more people in the years to come mainly because of the character of Truman Burbank and not the concept of a life being televised non-stop. The sets are exaggerated but work, the music is upbeat but can slather good dramatic and impactful pieces when needed, the humor is good but the drama is better. It's a movie greatly enjoyed by me, and hopefully you tune in to it whenever it comes on.

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