Friday, January 27, 2017

Elvis & Nixon

Hey that was a cool movie man.

A simple movie at heart, with lots of charm and love towards The King, Elvis & Nixon follows the events up to the famous picture of the The President and The King in the Oval Office. When I first heard about this movie I really liked the idea, and wondered what it would be like in the end and I was very, very pleased with the movie. Michael Shannon plays Elvis with conviction and style, to the point where you sometimes forget it's an actor and not the real Elvis and Kevin Spacey as Nixon potrays the President as real as he was and does a hell of a fine job in the end. The movie takes place in the early 70s, so the soundtrack is a lot of fun, and even some of the shots look like it was filmed with a super 8 camera with film grain and all, it really solidifies the feel of the movie. The focus never takes off of Elvis and I would really recommend this movie for just two scenes, where it's pretty much a monologue of Elvis, one touching on the other side of the coin of being famous, how the real person gets lost in the identity of the star and what it does for that person, and also about the day of his birth that can easily tug at the heartstrings for some, including myself. The movie is not about the sex, drugs, and rock n' roll, which is why it is elevated to a much better movie, it merely tells the story of one of the most bizzare moments in the annals of American history. I expected a decent movie, and got something much more meaningful than I would ever have anticipated. Definitely check it out if you have the time.

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