Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Last Crusade

Yes the final Indiana Jones and the best! Because that fourth one is terrible and you shouldn't watch it.

So this fantastic final chapter of the Indiana Jones trilogy centers around Indy and his companions including his father Henry Jones played by Sean Connery as they search to find the Holy Grail. What's not to like about this movie? It's got James Bond, Indy kicking Nazi ass again, and a huge quest to find the Cup of Christ, it's awesome! If you ask anybody which Indiana Jones movie is the best they will either say Raiders or Crusade but most will say Crusade, and I can't disagree. Our story starts with young Indiana Jones when he recovers an ancient cross from some bandits in the desert. Our story then flashes forward only one year after Raiders Of The Lost Ark when he hears news that his father is missing, so he travels to Venice to try and figure out where his father is. He soon meets up with his father's assistant Elsa who takes him to the library where he was last scene, and through a series of clues they discover not the whereabouts of his father but a crypt containing one of the Knights of the First Crusade. Engraved on the Knight's shield is a clue to find the Grail. Very soon after they meet a secret order that protects the Grail and discover his father has been taken by the Nazis and taken to Munich. So they get to Munich they rescue his father and now the chase is on to discover one of the greatest artifacts in human history. It's got lots of action, very good comedy, intriguing history of the Grail and is just good fun and has a fantastic ending. Go buy these movies. Watch them. Love them.

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