Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Temple Of Doom

Yeah, this movie almost got an R rating because of how dark it was, and this was before PG-13 but it helped make that rating.

  So Temple Of Doom actually takes place one year before Raiders, so it's a sequel that's actually a prequel. Bizarre. So our story begins with Indy and his companions escaping a nightclub in Shanghai and eventually their plane crashes in India where they discover a village in immense turmoil. Their land is dying, their children have been stolen, and their sacred Sankara stones have been missing. So Indy and company travel to a previously deserted palace to investigate the theft of the sacred stone and the missing children and uncover a sinister cult who idolize an evil Hindu god. Now I'm shocked as to how many people I have met who say they don't like this movie, and it's mainly down to two reasons: his companions, Short Round and Willie. Now I can kinda understand why, Willie is a shrieking club singer who is swept up in this adventure and she is kind of annoying. She hates and is afraid of damn near everything and it can get really grating. And some people hate Short Round, I kinda like him. He's a fun kid who looks up to Indy as a father and really cares about him. I can't understand the hate toward this character. But if their were faults with the supporting companions, it is made up for by our villain Mola Ram played by Amrish Puri, this guy is a great villain. I can't even explain why but I can try, he's sinister, he is the head of the cult, he's played pretty damn well by the actor, and he just really works. I think this is a good Indiana Jones movie, and I hope that you agree. By all means, give this movie a shot it is worth it.

And that concludes my review of the second Indiana Jones movie, tune in tomorrow when we review the third and in many people's opinions including my own the best.

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