Thursday, May 21, 2015

St. Vincent

Sorry I could only get you one review this week, but I am making up for it next week by reviewing three movies and I got almost all of June planned out. So here's St. Vincent.

You wouldn't think a movie about a crotchety old man who does hardly anything good through the whole movie would tug at your heartstrings near the end but it does. So St. Vincent is the story of a new kid Oliver, who has just moved in next door to his neighbor Vincent, and they start spending time together and the boy learns good life lessons, but through the wrong ways. For instance, he learns the bad and good side of risks and going for broke at the horse races. Now when I first heard about this movie I just thought it was going to be a funny movie with Bill Murray in it, but it surprisingly has a hell of a lot of heart! This is not a film you will forget, it is such a good movie and deals with real human problems and I do mean real. A mom just got divorced, is raising a child on her own, has to work late to get more money, the kid gets picked on by a few bully's, he learns to defend himself, as I stated he learns life lessons, Vincent's wife is going to be kicked out of the nursing home she lives in, Vincent has lots of debts to pay off, but the film does it sometimes with comedy. The humor is great, but it's real. The comedy for the most part is solely from the dialogue. The film has damn good emotional moments, both upliftingly happy and depressingly sad. Those are the movies that I love best, where you think it's just a simple movie but then you watch it and realize there is so much more to it than that, which makes it better. St. Vincent is a real gem of a movie, with great real characters, huge amounts of emotion and heart, and is funny to boot. Give it a watch, and judge for yourself.

So tune in next week where we cap off spring with some movies from a certain highly acclaimed Japanese director.

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