Thursday, May 4, 2023

Visions: Season 2

Open minds for a different view.

This was so interesting coming back to Visions, it really feels like a strong palate cleanser from the usual Star Wars material. It's even more vastly different than the first season and I didn't quite consider that possible. Comprising 9 episodes with longer runtimes averaging 20 minutes, there is so much to talk about. You'd think with such bite sized pieces of new Star Wars it would be easy to summarize but marathoning Visions is like sensory overload with so many styles and stories to contemplate. I wish I had more time to divulge in it but I can at the very least praise my favorites. First episode off the bat, Sith, you know me well Lucasfilm and how to please me. Holy hot damn this might take the cake, combining surrealism while still tethered to the physical world this episode is as much a virtual art project as well as a good story. To summarize it's almost as if you're watching color tell the story, there isn't a lot of shape and form beyond our opposing leads, so it's as close to psychedelic as Star Wars can get. Screecher's Reach was nothing but unpredictable, slightly horrific for a moment, but has an ending that only select few would call happy. I dig it man! Journey To The Dark Head is undoubtedly the most anime styled episode and I feel brings up a point highly important but rarely ever talked about in the visual mediums of this galaxy we love, and is very true to our world as well. And lastly Aau's Song, this got in just based on the cute as hell animation and very easygoing almost wholesome story, I genuinely could see a young kids show in this style similar to Rilakkuma And Kaoru. Oh my lord I loved every single animation style presented here, from 2D to 3D, from stopmotion to CG, it is nothing but a gorging session for your eyes. I saw bits of Kubo And The Two Strings, The Clone Wars, Time Squad, and Kill La Kill from certain episodes and I'm all here for it. The potential for Visions is limitless, and some of these stories beg for a continuation in some form or another like in the first season. Any animation studio can run out to this playground and have at it, any kind of story can be told, any style is accepted. It's madness but I wouldn't want it any other way because it's so awesome! What more can I honestly say? It's another great series and previous statements about the last season hold true here, if one story and animation style don't do it for you well you got 8 more to explore. It's all just top tier effort from the animation studios, to the voice actors, to just the free reign of it all. Such freedom is rare in this day and age to be perfectly honest and clear, to just go out and craft something to be presented to the whole world in a genre and universe as recognizable as this one, and there is no questions asked. Amazing. And in my opinion, it's another 10/10 for Visions, a full 4 stars, and here's to season 3 in the future. A splendid start to the day and my stars above is there so much more Star Wars to revel in today! So enjoy the day, follow your own light, and may the Force be with you.

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