Wednesday, May 3, 2023

The Bad Batch: Season 2

Yet another show with a very split audience, my lord hopefully that won't be a trend.

In terms of overall story Bad Batch seems lacking, but maybe this is showing my immense age but I've seen far far more shows that don't have even an inch of overarching storylines in my time. And let's just call it what it is, The Bad Batch is an animated show intended for kids and teens though adults can enjoy it immensely, so I'm scratching my head at that particular criticism toward this season. Because the stories we do get I still find memorable, enjoyable, and progress the characters which I feel is more important than some major plot development. True, story and characters are two integral parts that cannot exist without the other, but who we follow along with interests me more. So our renegade squad of clones are keeping up with the status quo of last season for the most part, doing odd jobs for payment but that quickly shifts as they start questioning the future for Omega. They take the matter of this child very seriously and we see her skills develop more and more as the season progresses and more importantly what effect she has on the squad. And knowing the 3rd season will also be the last honestly makes me nervous about the future of these characters due to the finale. No details shall pass my lips while alive, loose lips demolish starships, but I will admit the final episode while good did feel...not rushed but that there was more to be said, more to be done. It kinda hits like a ton of bricks and you're sitting there like, well shit! What now? But a bad season this is not. Even if an episode was not one of my favorites there sure was an aspect that made my day! For instance, the season opener is a two parter about the batch looting the castle of Count Dooku and apparently his treasures are cursed, like what the fuck that is insanely cool! That's an idea that makes my imagination run rampant! But let's discuss favorites here. Best episode, hands down, no competition, The Solitary Clone. Why in the high holy hell do I not have a show about either Imperial clones or just straight up Imperials going on missions??? That episode had me hook, line, and sinker from the word go and I will forever petition such a series to be made. 10/10, 100/100! Tribe was something I could easily see in past series, video games, or even the books with the batch encountering wookie Jedi Knight Gungi and helping him back to Kashyyyk to confront raiders, a brilliant episode concept and had so many different moments to make it feel complete and quite I don't know, heartwarming and beautiful for lack of better words. Truth And Consequences gets a shoutout purely and unequivocally for seeing pure galactic history take place from the Senate himself Sheev Palpatine, though that two parter is still very good, and the buildup to seeing the friggin' Emperor was both terrifying and just raw fangirl energy rolled up in one! And I would be remiss not to acknowledge The Outpost, a pivotal episode for Crosshair and how the story unfolds is almost harrowing with a wild ending. Also that lieutenant is everything wrong with the Empire personified in one individual, just because I support the Galactic Empire to the end does not mean I blindly follow it or claim it to be perfect. But eat shit and die rebel scum, your victory and "era of peace" is shortlived. Peace is a lie. But before I continue speaking absolute truth, onto the production details. You absolute showboating beautiful bastards, I mean it's just an ongoing parade of marvellous animation! The vistas, the environments, the tiny details of blaster scores and bioluminescent waters are close to being illegal for looking too goddamn good. Voice acting, still bringing that heat Dee Bradley my dude well done, applause for you on so many years of hard work voice acting! Michelle Ang I think you're practically Star Wars royalty at this point cause Omega just keeps getting better each season and she gets major time to shine here alllll the way through. Wanda Sykes as Phee, a welcome addition to the Star Wars galaxy with a very Indiana Jones treasure hunter vibe about her, awesome! Our more or less main antagonist Dr. Hemlock played by Jimmi Simpson, I can't get a handle on this guy he seems to be this creepily calm and collected top secret scientist at Mount Tantis but we don't know his full endgame so we'll have to bide our time to find out more. Now to briefly expand on characters for a moment, Wrecker is still my favorite of the group hardcore, Omega is adorable and more capable than last time and I sense her story is far from over even when the show is, Tech got a massive upgrade with so many character moments and has a larger part in the action which I loved immensely. Just as a sidebar, seeing that neurodivergent/autism side of his personality get some real screen time and reflection was just incredibly nice to see from my viewpoint. Crosshair was going through hell and I'm not sure if there is true redemption or victory for him but needless to say I am interested. And wisely in my humble opinion they dump Echo, he was barely a presence in the first season so they wrote him out with a more fulfilling purpose here, so good move writers. And I just hope to Christ the final season will be a full 16 episodes, shit go all out and have an hour opener and an hour finale, don't Gotham this for me. And no, I am still not over that! Fox you son of a bitch!! Yeah, just don't...don't do that to us Filoni. So the question now stands, is it better than the first season? I feel it depends on if you want a more involved plot heavy season or just am there for the ride with these characters. Cause truth be told, did the first season have an emphasis on plot? Besides the Empire hunting the batch and them doing odd jobs around the galaxy before Kamino gets blasted, not really. So hey, it follows the same style. I'm in the middle of those sides but overall I'd give it 3 stars, 8/10! Who knows what the outcome will be when the series finale airs? Always in motion is the future. But I know what comes next on one of the most special of days every year, with Visions from the world between worlds of what was, what is, and what could be.

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