Friday, February 10, 2023

Metalocalypse: Season 3

I gotta tell you, I ain't got a clue where the final season will go.

Bit of a reset to just batshit one off episodes, and I'm not fully against that by a long shot but it does raise many questions for the final finale. Aside from that though, good season! I found this to be kind of a more introspective season for Dethklok, a good chunk of the episodes even if it's not the main subject matter tends to deal with each band members history, grievances, and emotional baggage. Skwisgaar tries to find his real father, Toki seeks a lady woman companion, Pickles goes through rehab and confronts demons of his past, even Murderface is humbled a fair bit to where he just wants to be part of the band and live contently. I'm actually surprised we don't get much on Nathan's point of view, and that sucks just a notch cause if I have a favorite, and I do, it would be Nathan! Hell, this season goes full musical at times with the bandmates staring off into the middle distance and singing their feelings, further compounding that fact. But it's a bit of escapism at the end of the day and the episodes are still just as good.  I know my definite favorite, but here's some runner ups. Tributeklok, where the band goes through that phase of getting back to their roots and realizing it isn't as grand as they remember, love the quickfire jokes and the usual over the top horrid deaths. Dethhealth, this episode is wild with so much nutty weirdness to make the humor even better than it is and the fact that a death metal band gets sensitive around the word dying is gold. But the best is believe it or not a Christmas episode Dethmas, mainly because it just goes against every tradition of a Christmas special and seeing the band seethe at Christmas brought me joy to know I've been recognized. Though I do agree with their more morbid brutal interpretation of Christmas staples, maybe I am too hard on that holiday......nah! I think the show is getting to me though, I was waiting for gory death to descend to this buncha' jackass hip hop jagoffs. So satisfying when it did. Don't be jagoffs kids, be good people. And my voice may be unconciously dropping a few octaves but I chalk that up to my normal grumpiness. Also weird as hell tangent here but up until episode 8, at least on the HBO Max the censoring has been kinda off and on, sometimes it's bleeped sometimes it's not, come episode 8 animated tig ol' bitties for all! It's very random and I have no clue why. Not complaining though (Because I don't mind, not that I oggle 2D calcium cannons you sick little monkies!). I have a theory or two but nothing concrete as to what is to come next time, if anything I'm bummed we're approaching the end for the apocalypse of the metals. But metal never goes quietly into that good night and rages against the dying of the light from the womb to the tomb. 4 stars, 8/10!

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