Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Batman Vs. Robin

Court Of Owls confirmed!

Even better it's a semi-adaptation of the comic storyline that is one of the rare exceptions where I've read it. I'm not fully aware as to why I decided to pick up the hardcover collections of both Court and City Of Owls, but to see this story adapted even very loosely is pretty awesome! Set some months after Son, Damian is approached by a masked assassin telling him to use his lethal instincts and to turn on his father and mentor, with the Court targeting Batman so they can reassert total control on the city once more. You think this would be another Hush situation where any divergence or dropped plotpoint for this adaptation would raise my ire greatly, but considering the title is not the same as the comic already skates free from that. True they take slight inspiration and pick bits and pieces of the comic to utilize but all in all it is an original story. We get more confrontation between Bruce and Damian, and how our Robin still struggles with the no kill rule which helps resolve my slight grievance with that in the last movie. Bruce has to come to better terms that he is a father first and a vigilante mentor second, that's a fairly solid arc that contributes to them having more respect and trust in one another. How they handle the Court is better than Gotham, God bless them they tried and I love that show to bits despite it's maddening quirks, yet the original elements they inject still work perhaps not as a faithful adaptation but as a version in this continuity. Now do I highly recommend and easily say the comic is better? Oh hell fucking yeah! Scott Snyder crafted something rarely seen in the comic runs with making Gotham City a central character itself, and with it being the first story out of the gate for the New 52 series it's a homerun! I haven't read the entire storyline penned by him but I got farther than any other regular comic book series before or since. All voice cast members return from the first and still deliver well. I can't really submit hard evidence of this feeling I got, but the animation style honestly felt very much like an anime show, again there's nothing distinct that would lead to such a conclusion, maybe I noticed more details of the animation and character designs, maybe it was the plot, but I fully 100% expected the Court members to have hair color of every shade of the rainbow and then some in this. It's bizzare, I can't place my finger on why, but there was something to this movie. Yet another uber short entry, 79 minutes with credits this time, say what you will but they are some quick sits. Did I like it better than Son Of Batman? I do feel the plot was more focused and better written, I liked the character dynamics more now that they've been expanded upon, and the adapatation aspect I enjoyed. 3.5 stars, 7.5/10, for real now I have no clue what comes next so it is truly anybody's guess how this trilogy wraps up. One way to find out.

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