Thursday, February 23, 2023

Batman Bad Blood

Not a bad end but I feel it's still fairly open ended.

I feel this whole continuity has ended though, if you look at a complete list of these DC animated films the last one released 3 years ago so I think they are moving on to new horizons and there won't be a continuation. Again the movie takes certain aspects of the comics around that time where Batman apparently dies in an explosion leading Dick to take up the cape and cowl, with the Batfamily expanding to Robin, Batwoman, and Batwing to be the guardians of Gotham. They don't go all the way with Bruce's death but the movie's focus is primarily on those four to varying degrees of success. Obviously we haven't encountered Kate or Luke in any previous movies so this is our introduction to them, and I feel Kate gets the better end of the stick. We learn more about her past, personal life, not so much as to why she dresses in a kick ass red and black batsuit but she's here to help fight crime so good on her. Luke on the other hand really is just kinda there, we know he's Lucius Fox's son, he's had military experience and gets swept up in this criminal plot and dons this mechanoid batsuit to assist in the hunt after Lucius gets attacked, but that's really it. I feel the reason and appeal of adding him in was because of the suit's capabilities in the action scenes, and I gotta say the animation for the fights have only gotten better and better each time, here it's really fluid and at a quick pace but not so fast it's hard to keep up they do it just right showcasing the skills of each fighter. The villain scheme leans back to lavishly ludicrous but I still say the last movie had the superior plot and making all the pieces work. It's competently made and to see this period of history where Dick is now Batman I never thought I would see in any medium outside of the comics, I legit would not mind picking up those issues and reading them until Bruce returned, but the movie has a lot of plates spinning and it could have had some stuff trimmed for it's benefit. I loved seeing Sean Maher get upgrade after upgrade in these movies from being a cameo, to side character, to practically the main character here! Also huge love to Yvonne Strahovski, I would really like to dig into the Batwoman comics and I did get halfway through the first season of the CW show before life stuff happened but I wasn't hating it, so her character has always held interest for me and she did mighty good work here! It's a decent little trilogy, for someone as hardcore a fan as me you'd enjoy it but in all truth and honesty the DC animated movies are pretty much for exclusively the fans, not that anybody can't watch them but I don't know many people who go out of their way to view them despite there being gleaming gems in it's library. So take it for what it's worth, I liked them but they're not my favorites either. Final score I give it 3 stars, 7/10! Next week is a bit unconventional but it's kind of necessary for me considering the new movie coming out, we're going way back into the back catalogue of reviews next time so I'll see you there.

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