Thursday, February 9, 2023

Metalocalypse: Season 2

Okay, wow holy shit we get some more plot!

Talk about a season that starts one place and ends in another! Definite improvements have been made throughout, and I would say the second season is better than the last. So after the attempt on the band's life and the notion of something more to the strange Mr. Salacia, it's business as usual for Dethklok with mayhem, death, and metal music making. But something I appreciate is you can tell the game has changed and that this season is building up to something, with strands from the last season still cropping up, like Edgar Jomfru and the masked assassin out for revenge, the usual board meeting shadow leaders, and a new faction called the Revengencers out for Dethklok too. It's not all serious happenings, but I like how they string the events along to where you never really forget the threat but also where you can't still enjoy the madness of the episode. From fashion designing, to more family matters, Nathan becoming governor of Florida, to attempts at romance, the show still boasts tons of variety throughout and continues it's style of humor. Something that clicked for me is, besides the grisly shock comedy bits most of the laughs come from simple conversation. It really reminds me of Looney Tunes where you can have the slapstick but the true humor shines through interaction and dialogue, with the personalities of the band clashing. They spend more time it seems together, along with how the writers give such unique personalities and it never gets dull. Better budget this time around, with more involved setpieces and greater detail. Voice cast still slays it, and what a shock to see Malcolm McDowell appear as this Rasputin looking motherfucker on the shadow council that's pretty sick! Also shoutout to Charles Foster (not Kane) Ofdensen, what a brilliant move to take this kind of nothing character and make him the coolest one! Favorite episode besides the finale I'd say is Dethfashion, the punches kept on coming and I was busting with laughter right up to the credits. I dare not spoil the finale but even I was kinda surprised how well it was executed where you know no one is going to bite the bullet but there is that tension still, it's almost very akin to the siege on Hogwarts, yet it never felt out of left field or forced to have this dramatic climax. I applaud the creators and animators for the effort they put into it! I'm truthfully not sure if that episode can be topped in terms of season finales but I'll be excitedly awaiting the next one. Great season, the show is growing on me more, and next season is the longest so we'll see what new spore of metal mayhem awaits us. 4 stars, 8.5/10!

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