Wednesday, April 6, 2022

In Retrospect: Sonic The Hedgehog

I can't honestly believe I haven't seen this since opening day two years ago.

But I think it goes to show how much I remembered, which was essentially everything, and looking back on my review I think I was a bit rough on it. Not at all that I hated it but a 6.5/10 seems a bit mean. I think I enjoyed myself and liked the movie more on the second viewing, now that I have the ability to rewind and pause I could take my time and appreciate what was presented. For the first film in a series, it actually sets up it's universe with relative ease and intrigue knowing such famous iconography from the games but adapted in an interesting way. Sonic's world is just like the games, the rings are transport portals, we get some set up with the Echidnas though brief it is, I think taking a rather stereotypical megalomaniac scientist like Robotnik and working it as a highly inventive and intelligent man who views everyone else as idiots and prefers robots works flawlessly. It's just like I said, it's The Riddler but more techy and I love that. Jim is still the best part of the movie period and made me laugh even harder to the point of almost tears, and hearing murmurs of him retiring from acting does kinda break my heart. Ben Schwartz I found to be proper good this time around, able to pick up more on Sonic's personality and mannerisms. He is a teenager, a late teenager perhaps, but he still has that emotional angst and high octane energy that a kid would have, just trying to figure out how to fit in, I very much liked that. James Marsden has expert chemistry with Tika Sumpter, being such a endearing and cute couple, and seeing a cop in a movie just try to be a helpful individual and not a super bad ass, action movie, bang bang you're dead type character was heavily appreciated in this movie. Another aspect I was like, wow spot on work guys, was the pacing. Expert pacing, perfect runtime, can keep up the pace without going super fast and still have brief moments to wind down, they knew exactly how long this should be and what they should keep in. It's wild enough to keep your interest, but still fairly grounded, yeah you could argue this is a movie that could end in about 30 minutes but while the rings are a slightly unnecessary McGuffin in the grand scheme I feel the point was more about the characters and not the plot. So it will be super interesting to see exactly what occurs in the second movie and where it will leave off. So yeah, a sure fire improvement that I was happy to watch again. Existence of this series, totally justified. 3.5 stars, 7.5/10, new movie time again coming on up in 2 & 2.

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