Saturday, April 23, 2022

The Bad Guys

Was I disappointed? Well, yeah.

Now I partially blame that on myself for misreading the trailer. When I saw the trailer I had hope and I thought, oh cool a movie where bad guys are bad guys but have to undergo training to be good guys in order to pull off a heist. Just a cute fun movie where villains so desperately want to do bad things but go through a rigorous training program to appear good, and funny can commence. Not at all what I got. It's a very by the numbers, basic, mostly predictable kids movie. I will fully admit I haven't seen a Dreamworks animated film since....shit, like Rise Of The Guardians and that was 2012! I honestly thought the studio closed down a while ago cause I just didn't see them attached to any projects. But anyway, the movie follows a group of animals in a strangely mostly human filled world, where they rob banks, do heists, and generally feed into their negative stereotypes. But when a heist goes wrong they fake a, "we'll go good this time pinky promise!", and make a tiny bit of a change before being framed for another crime. Yadda yadda, blah blah, this movie had exactly two twists I didn't fully expect but the rest was...God just so boring and predictable. The animation is really interesting, the backgrounds look painted at times but is a full 3D animated world, at first I thought it was another Spider-Verse style but it's honestly something new to my eyes so fair props to the design choices. The cast does quite good work but the script is what firmly buried this film for me, only getting a few chuckles and bits of intrigue out of me. I certainly wasn't expecting a great film, just a fun little distraction for 90 minutes that I could appreciate for it's merits. But unfortunately even Richard Ayoade couldn't salvage this film. I was having difficulty remembering even the title, I couldn't remember if it was The Good Guys or The Bad Guys and what a perfect summary of the film because I won't remember this in a day. 2 stars, 5/10, I am praying to the higher powers that we at least end on a high note with The Northman.

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