Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Vampire's Kiss

Boy we've been on a vampire turn lately huh?

I just wanted an excuse to finally see this movie. It's a bit more than what people would lead you to believe but the impact is still the same. I'm still fully processing what the shit I just watched but I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it. So our story unfolds of a publisher who after meeting a quite attractive young lady with a severe biting kink (no shame there I assure you), leads him to believe whether or not he is a vampire. Craziness ensues. Now I know it's easy to get swept away in the madness and antics of Nicolas Cage and it is glorious, but there's obviously more to it than a highly humorous highlight reel. I mean I do question the intent of the director, and how after we get the shot seen in the film he said "And cut, perfect, print it!" but credit is due for some shots and the overall tone presented. You'd think it would be a case of Nic is just f***ing bonkers and everyone else plays it serious and straight, not entirely the case cause everyone is a bit off. They are weird and eccentric individuals where you question exactly why they do the things they do. It's like if someone made American Psycho and decided to make it even more out there and add a twist of the supernatural. The cinematography is decent and while most shots are normal you occasionally get some true voyeuristic shots, with eerie score music and fair dues to the composer on that front. I mean it is a funny and wild movie but there is some quite honestly gruesome and disturbing things in it. I think Nicolas Cage might be the most freaky and terrifying vampire I've seen because he clearly is playing a character not fully mentally well and he snaps, and it is a bit unsettling in varying degrees. From eating a live cockroach, to harassing and flat out molesting his coworker, even the first time he gets bit it was a creepy and slightly disturbing scene with him freaking the hell out and thrashing a bit. Usually you don't get horrific necking in a vampire movie, either it cuts before you see something or is there for gore's sake, not the flesh crawling horror part. And this isn't a slam on the movie by any stretch but when I saw footage of Nosferatu it actually made me want to watch it again. I don't know, this was such a trip and difficult to really pin down what I thought of it. I of course loved the line delivery and over the top actions of Nicolas Cage, the plot wasn't afraid to dip it's toes into some mortifying stuff, it keeps you guessing if he truly is turning into a vampire until the end, and it was entertaining throughout. I know some people questioned my 10/10 for Studio 666, but it was a movie I fully got and enjoyed to the max when obiectively it was more of a movie between a 7 and a 8 but I could full heartedly recommend it. So when I rate this I am being on a pure objective view point, and not just howling in laughter at the ridiculous parts and leaving it at that. I give it 3 stars, 7.5/10, I apologize for the weird review schedule this week but work has a strong influence on life and not all of it good. So until next time, or more accurately the day after tomorrow.

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