Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Prince Of Darkness

A less talked about but still good Carpenter film.

I think John was starting his kick on commentary on society and in this case religion, this film was made a year before They Live and after the commercial flop of Big Trouble In Little China wanted to go way out there on his next project. Out there he succeeded. The plot follows a group of college students (all in their 30s of course) as they are under mysterious circumstances told to set up a laboratory in an abandoned church where a 7 million year old canister is found. Like I said, the film deals with religion throughout, even throws out some radical ideas on the concept of faith, God, Satan, and all that good jazz which I found really interesting and for some people I know this film can get under their skin. The film again much like The Fog, has that suspense angle going strong where you know something is up from the start, something is about to happen, but you have no idea what and more importabtly when, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. It's great to see Dennis Dun and Victor Wong in a movie together again, and while Victor is still somewhat the Egg Shen of this film it's interesting to see Dennis go from the believer to the skeptic. Donald is great in this too, even gives a pure evil speech, and maybe they were just having a laugh on the DVD but on the subtitles he's called Father Loomis which I got a kick out of, we love this man unconditionally and always will know him best as Dr. Sam Loomis. Another surprise cameo in the form of Alice Cooper as a posessed hobo and a lot of love goes to him too, he's a great guy and contributed to horror music and cinema extensively. The effects are still done nicely, more minimalistic until the end but still grotesque in it's glory. Like God dang it, another John Carpenter theme to add to the music library, the guy just knows how to make good creepy music and it's subtle which is why it works so well here. I think people should see this movie, I mean you're always going to have Halloween, The Fog, The Thing, They Live to talk about so give this a shot. I personally give it 3 stars, 7.5/10, and we got one more to go before Halloween Kills so see you tomorrow.

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