Saturday, October 9, 2021

007 Films Ranked

So how does it all stack up? Try to guess where No Time To Die enters the fray.

25. Spectre - Yes the film that gave me nothing ended up the worst, what a shock.

24. Quantum Of Solace - Not much better but at least I can gush over Olga Kurylenko.

23. Thunderball - Bit controversial but this film has it's flaws believe me.

22. Die Another Day - Ooh boy, yeah....I just did that. Better than Thunderball.

21. Diamonds Are Forever - Campy, sleazy, yet has some fun and enjoyment to it.

20. A View To A Kill - Roger mate, you should have settled down with Maud Adams.

19. Dr. No - Basic, but still good and worth the time to see how it began.

18. The Man With The Golden Gun - I still like it even though it's not terrific. I won't apologize for it.

17. Live And Let Die - A very strong start for Roger and bless him for doing it so long.

16. For Your Eyes Only - Back down to earth but still has good moments and tries a character arc.

15. From Russia With Love - Respect and credit where it's due but I like the rest of the movies coming up better.

14. The Living Daylights - The world wasn't ready for you Tim, but I'm here for you.

13. Tomorrow Never Dies - The most action packed entry and what a grand ride it is.

12. The Spy Who Loved Me - Larger than life scale is always welcome here in this seried.

11. Moonraker - Sci-Fi Bond. We're not science fiction, we are in fact science fact.

10. Octopussy - What could have heen the best final outing for any Bond yet.

9. Licence To Kill - Gloriously dark and brutal, I'm all in!

8. The World Is Not Enough - Excellent film that deserves more recognition.

7. No Time To Die - For now at least, I very much enjoyed this film and placed it fairly high. But the future is always unknown.

6. You Only Live Twice - Beautiful film with a great plot and more than enough entertainment. Good times!

5. Goldfinger - Honestly, truthfully, the most perfect example of a Bond film and a terrific starting place.

4. On Her Majesty's Secret Service - I love you Lazenby, I love you Tracy, I love everything you have to give.

3. Casino Royale - Damn fine start to an era and boy did it end on a bang.

2. Skyfall - Well done to all on this one, and thanks for the great film.

1. Goldeneye - Big shock, not sorry, it's class, the end.

Tune in next week for some goodies from our old friend John Carpenter.

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