Wednesday, October 20, 2021

A Quiet Place

You really just have to make up your own mind in life.

I heard nothing but good things about A Quiet Place, it's a modern horror classic, it's so scary, it's one of the most original horror films in years, blah blah blah. Granted I heard some minor complaints but overall I got the impression of nothing but good things in the movie. And on a production scale, it's very well made. In terms of casting, locations, set production, cinematography, friggin' sound design, you can tell there is highly capable and competent people behind the camera and are doing fine work here. The director knows what he is doing when not in front of the camera and knew what shots he wanted to have. The cast easily convey the intense fear and numbing dread of the situations they are in. The creature design is excellent and gnarly, and the concept of an alien menace who hunts on sound alone while not even slightly original in this movie is a cool concept nevertheless. However. This plot and these characters infuriated me to a point where I haven't been in a long time. Movies don't usually make me angry, this one did. The best f***ing character in this entire movie that easily would have made it a fantastic horror movie with her as the lead is the deaf girl Regan, I mean could you imagine a movie where this young girl is travelling in a post apocalyptic world filled with blind sound hunting monsters but she herself is deaf as she tries to survive. That's an entire book series worth of ideas let alone a feature film. Outstanding acting, couldn't ask for better, she rocks. Like there is so much I commend this movie on except for the plot. I think it's safe to say this is a film that has you asking more questions by the end of it than getting answers, in terms of worldbuilding it's a bit shoddy but at the same time I want to know more, how it all started, how it got to the point of this movie, all that. But the stupidity radiates from the screen from these characters, thankfully it's mostly in the third act but yikes I was complaining like an old man today. Okay. Just....who's f***ing braindead, shit sucking, ass backwards, mind shatteringly, stupefyingly stupid idea was it to go, "Hey you know what we should do when the world is infested with ravenous monsters? Let's f*** and have a baby.". Are you, I can't do it. I cannot goddamn do it. You cu-

Okay I'm back. It's really hard for me to feel sympathy and want characters to stay alive when they are idiots. And the worst part is there are faint glimmers, absolutely great scenes of suspense and terror peppered throughout. Not nowhere near as often enough as it should be, but I'll take it. It's like every good step the movie takes, there's something that throws it off the tightrope for me. It works as a silent film, it has subtitles without me even putting them on, if it was shot in pristine black and white daddy would love what he sees. But there's too much that throws me off from being immersed, scared, intrigued, and just connected to these characters. I was in zero mood to rip this film to shreds, but that's just how it goes sometimes. I expected it to be decent but what I got was average. 2 stars, 5/10, maybe the sequel improves but that is a discussion for another year.

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