Wednesday, July 1, 2020

What We Do In The Shadows: Season 2

I have made my decision on my favorite character.

Is season two better? I genuinely would have to say yes. The writing is still as great as the first season, the actors get to spread their wings more, it actually has a bit of a plot arc even if it's a tiny one, I just had even more fun with this than the last. We pick up a few months after the run in with the vampiric counsel as Nandor, Nadja, Laszlo, Colin Robinson, and Guillermo continue running into problems with ghosts in their home, an old foe of Laszlo returns, Guillermo starts becoming more independent, amongst other things, and a finale that simply can't be ignored by any character come season three. I do really think that this season is funnier and more entertaining than the last one, and you already know the rating I gave for that. I wasn't disappointed at all and got to spend more time with these characters, almost every one of them has an episode dedicated nearly entirely to just one of them. A lot more screen time is given to Guillermo and while Nadja is beyond brilliant in every way, Guillermo is my favorite character by a bit, it's just really something to see when this totally devoted and subservient character grows more of a spine and becomes his own agent. He still very much cares for his master and roommates, but quickly wants more and stands up for himself in many ways. Harvey Guillen is perfect in this series, wonderful comedic timing, great acting, is basically the only character to get an arc, they show the love for Guillermo in this season. And I for one, adore it. I'd truthfully be very proud to be Guillermo de la Cruz for Halloween. But enough of my gushing, what else is good? Well we get even more celebrity cameos, even one from Mark Hamill so it automatically is a win. The story situations are more varied thus leading to more character moments and great comedy. It does get wild in a few instances, which is what a show should do in it's second season, give the audience some crazy scenarios to show that not only that the show isn't a one trick pony but to kind of up the stakes (no pun intended of course) and show that there is a reason you keep watching and coming back. I was a fan before the end of season 1, but now consider me a die hard fan, this is my show. It took a good long while to move on from Gotham, and while Doctor Who was great I've been a fan for about a decade now so it's always just been there as a great show, and yes I have checked out other stuff but nothing has really struck my interest to such a degree. This show really has grabbed me and made me love it to the moon and back. I'm here for it, I'm ready and waiting, will we get the next season in the fall of 2020? No of course not, f*** you Brandon. You thought you could get your television programme back in the fall when the world seems to deliberately want us extinct and every film is being pushed back to a year from now? Piss in my cornflakes will you 2020, you robbing ****sucker. But I won't dwell on that. 4 stars, 9/10! 

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