Thursday, July 23, 2020

Vice Principals: Season 2

I'd love for just once in my life to watch a show and once seeing it's ending scene, to not be bummed out and having an existential fit cause I don't know what to watch next.

Every damn time. Even with a comedy series! Bastards. Anyway, onto the review. Vice Principals wraps up simultaneously in a very nice and happy way but also with an undercurrent of just depression. And I don't think that's just me. After a pretty spectacular finale with the last season, Gamby has finally recovered from being shot and is returning to North Jackson now playing second fiddle to Russell. Now me personally, if Walton Goggins was my boss I wouldn't give a shit but Gamby wants to stick to the original plan they created. So the season actually follows more on the personal family side of these guys than their actual school shenanigans, which I quite honestly loved more than I thought I would. Once again giving equal time to both characters, Russell has marriage problems leading to a pretty crushing ending to one episode while Gamby is trying to spend more time with his daughter while simultaneously conducting his own investigation into his shooting. It's still very compelling but in a different way. Yes Gamby is a dick but you still nevertheless want him to find out who did it, and yes Russell is a very egotistical fella but you don't want to see his marriage go to hell in a handbasket. If they genuinely tried these story elements in the first season, I don't think it would have worked even half as good as it does here because you've spent so much time with them on one front where you do fully see who they really and truly are. Without that, it would kinda seem to be an average and run of the mill show. But both seasons are great and it does come down to personal preference as to which is superior, I loved the first season more but the love is undoubtedly here for season two. I was testing my own detective skills in this season and while the show sort of strings along a few suspects if you think logically on just pure observations of characters you can easily decipher who did it. It certainly doesn't take a damn thing away from the finale though, it's a wild and just shocking end to it all before you get the resolution. I couldn't believe a few instances and this show always had my full attention but I was hanging on every word at the last episode. Again the entire supporting cast returns, and any dang excuse to see my total cutie pie Ashley Spillers is fffffricking good enough for me! Now the big question is if this season is objectively better than the first but with a mini-series, whether split in half or not, is incredibly hard to rate as a whole. The second season gets a 9/10. But the whole show as one single entity gets 4 stars, 9/10, a high recommendation and tons of love and appreciation from me. And I think it's highway robbery that you can buy the whole series for like, I don't even think $15 in stores, everytime I saw it the price was about 13 or 14 bucks. That's a steal for the story and fun in this show! So by all means check it out, I'm sorry it was only two reviews this week but circumstances have arisen and it will be tricky to get back to a full schedule. It's nothing bad, just...bear with me for a bit. Until next time!

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