Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The Snowman (1982)

One of the best Christmas specials in my opinion.

I needed something nice after I broke last time, and I was actually quite surprised I haven't reviewed this yet. The Snowman is a special based on Raymond Brigg's storybook, and is actually one of the few pieces of animated media where there's no dialogue much like the storybook it is based on. There's been two versions as far as I know, one with zero dialogue and one oddly enough with an introduction by David Bowie, and while I've only ever seen the silent version I am curious to know the context of his narration. The story opens in a countryside village where a young boy upon seeing December snow decides to make a snowman with whatever items he can gather, and at the stroke of midnight the snowman comes alive and a friendship is quickly kindled. It is such a simple story but one everybody can immediately understand the emotions and mindset of, but it is told so impressively. Again, no dialogue whatsoever, but the animators did such outstanding work you can tell every emotion presented to you as the boy and his snowman spend time together. I'm always floored by the visuals in this movie, with a rough almost sketch-like animation style that mimics the illustrations of a storybook perfectly. I have no idea how in the world they did this animation but it looks spectacular! The colors and environments are bright, colorful, and have such an atmosphere to them. It feels like a cozy country home during winter, it feels like a beautiful snowy filled night, not very many films can accomplish such an effect to make you feel a part of this world. The animation only gets better as the film goes on, with some of the most memorable visuals I've ever seen in a Christmas special. The music is great too being unbelievably beautiful and calm to very upbeat and fun. It doesn't even clock in at a full 30 minutes, but you get a complete and surprisingly emotional story. I just adore this special. There I said it, I actually enjoy a Christmas special and don't have anything sarcastic or mean spirited to say. It's a Christmas miracle, I might actually be redeemed and stop being a Grinchy Scrooge. Cue J. Jonah Jameson laugh. Goodnight everybody! 4 stars, check it out!

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