Thursday, December 5, 2019

Blackadder's Christmas Carol

Finally, a story for me.

Ah, we really do need more specials like this in the world. If you haven't watched the Blackadder series I highly suggest you do and I shall attempt to review all 4 series next year, but regardless you can still very much enjoy this story. In old London town lives a one Ebenezer Blackadder, the kindest and most wonderful man in the city who is so generous and affable that Queen Victoria herself wishes to reward him with a small fortune, but that night he is visited by the Spirit Of Christmas himself and is shown the past, the not so long ago past, and the far too distant future where he witnesses versions of himself which are cruel, cunning, and self absorbed. I am on board with this premise if you could not tell already. Yes there is Christmas celebratory matters, but it's done in the most self centered and glorious fashion so I will give it a pass. I also have no issue telling you that the comedy is far more effective when it's sarcastic and insulting. But the performances from Britain's comics are what makes this special work so damn good. Rowan Atkinson is brilliant as Blackadder and in every series of the programme I've seen him in makes me laugh even more than the last, he's a great comedic actor that can perform both silent comedy and dialogue heavy comedy. Tony Robinson is the perfect foil for the comedy, if only just to be the world's punching bag. I almost feel sorry for Baldrick but like I said, almost. Miranda Richardson, Hugh Laurie, and Stephen Fry are only in the history segments but what little time they do have they certainly don't waste and made me laugh loud and hard. In fact if you look at the cast list, chances are you know 90% of these people, their reputations speak for themselves and are better known now than ever. This is a Christmas tradition of my own like Tokyo Godfathers and A Very Murray Christmas, and I love it a great deal. To see such utter contempt for stupid people sets my soul alight with glee. Seriously, these people are complete asses that take advantage of kind and generous individuals and don't nearly get the comeuppance they deserve. It's a complete inversion of the Charles Dickens' tale and it's just so nice to hear someone agree that bad guys have all the fun. And now I will share a lovely Christmas sentiment for those whom you just don't like, "May the yuletide log slip from your fire and burn your house down.". Tis' the season my friends. 4 stars, 8/10!

Next week though will not be jolly or gay. And the more I think about this next week, the more I think of how much it will hurt me. But if I don't do it now it will haunt me for another year, and that is something I cannot stand in the least. Next week....ugh, I hate even typing it. Elf.

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