Thursday, December 19, 2019

Long Have I Waited...

I'm not ready. I know in my heart I'm not. And yet I am. It's strange, I've already kind of went through this almost 15 years ago with Revenge Of The Sith which is the only Star Wars movie I recall seeing in theaters though I'm sure I saw the re-releases in 1997 and The Phantom Menace in 1999. I thought it was over after that. No more Star Wars. It wasn't a dark age, new comics, video games, and shows were being released but when it came to movies it truly was the end. Now I know Lucasfilm will continue making other Star Wars movies but just the fact tomorrow is the conclusion to the story I have been watching since I was 2 or 3 years old is a strong thing to come to terms with. I was much more accepting of it strangely as a teenager, because it wrapped the story up but now since The Force Awakens I get to experience my own trilogy on opening day one after the other. No joke, I never saw all the prequels in theaters, I owned Episode 1 on VHS, I rented Episode 2 before I even owned it, and only saw Episode 3 in theaters. So this is much more my trilogy in many ways than the prequels of my youth. I was excited to hear that Disney was gonna make more Star Wars movies and I didn't mind that a new movie was coming out every year. Yes you could argue it's the mother of all cash cows but they put resources and time into each of the movies, and while some were not stories that needed to be told they were fun regardless. I really enjoyed The Force Awakens and still do, I took it for what it was and appreciated a humble start to a new slate of films. Granted you read the concept story for it and it is a wild trip that I wouldn't mind seeing, but I understood why they did it that way. The Last Jedi, I didn't hate but I did have conflicted thoughts on it that I needed to see again to form a solid opinion on. I liked what they did with Luke, Snoke was interesting and while it does suck we couldn't have Andy for the full trilogy I could accept he was a stepping stone for Kylo, I totally crush on Rose because let's face facts Kelly Marie Tran is a precious creature, and it no doubt will shatter my heart to see Carrie one last time. This will be the most emotional movie for me, though Revenge Of The Sith did hold great joy and victory in my eyes. PS. I do support Reylo, I want it! I want it so bad! A semi-Jedi/semi-Sith relationship would be so cool. We've seen such relationships before, and I feel it would make for an interesting dynamic. I hope Kylo becomes a full fledged Sith that's his big journey, through every movie he gets closer to that status. I still am fully behind the Empire and the First Order and forever will be, I swear it will be a joy to see a Victory class Star Destroyer crewed by First Order officers and stormtroopers. I just want them to win. Would the world end if the Empire won in the end? It's better than supporting terrorists and rebel scum who should all be shot in the back. I think they mixed the titles up, it should have been The Force Awakens then The Rise Of Skywalker then The Last Jedi. Just think about it. It makes sense, not only if you read all the titles together but storywise. The force awakened in Rey, Luke Skywalker rised from grumpy hermit to Jedi legend, Rey is the last Jedi in this final movie. Come on! At least I could have hope that Kylo and dark Rey would win and rule the galaxy! This some bullshit. But regardless I just expect a celebration of the Star Wars universe in this final movie with an ending that can fully end the chapter and close the book on this story. I'm still waiting on what happened to Thrawn and I was really hoping he would pop up in this but it seems unlikely, and likewise I've heard tale of Ahsoka Tano maybe coming into play. I'd flip right the hell out over that let me tell you now. Man even if dark Rey is just a nightmare or a vision I've been saying this since the first movie, she needed a double bladed lightsaber, and especially after the lightsaber splits I thought she would make her own lightsaber, not duct tape that thing together! Oh well, I'm excited and happy to see a new Star Wars movie tomorrow and it will be our final review of this year and this decade. I'm still reeling from that thought process but until next time friends.

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