Wednesday, September 18, 2019

In Retrospect: Godzilla King Of The Monsters

Breaking news, I'm late on this one. It's been on video for what, 3 weeks and I'm just now getting to it? Yeah...sorry.

Spoilers people, I still love this movie just as much as I did in theaters! I seriously have no idea what in the hell people were expecting from this movie but I got what I wanted. I mean, in a Godzilla movie there's a lot of monsters fighting?? I never would have guessed! I could go on all day about the people who complained that this movie is just action and has "too much fighting in it", so I'll just say this and move on, they're idiots. Okay let's move on class! Now of course I took ever so slight issue with this movie because no film is perfect, except for that one movie I never shut the hell up about, but the good stuff outweighed the bad to where I could deal with it. I wasn't a fan of our new main characters, Mark was one note and I didn't understand why he was even in the movie, Emma was batshit crazy and more importantly an absolute moron who's motivations could not have been more poor if she tried, I liked Maddie though I got some Gamera vibes from her, plus the family dynamic didn't hold much water for me. It's kinda hard for me to feel bad about a family when almost every member infuriates me, and they have no real gripping connection. I could go on about more details with Emma but again I'll summarize, so if these kaiju or these titans as they movie loves to call them have world healing powers AND you literally have a machine that could make them roll over and play dead if you wish then might I ask what the big issue is beyond the fact that you are made of stupid "Dr." Emma Russell? Ugh, Vera I adore you so and I know for a fact you have worked in better roles than this but my God I can't stand this character. But it's a story/script problem, every person acts very well in this movie and I have more performances I must talk about. I'm actually really happy Charles Dance lives to die another day, cause I know he can give an even more badass potrayal in future films (Did you know he was the Phantom Of The Opera back in 1990? Weird.). What I hate more than the main characters is the mostly unceremonious deaths of our one link to the first movie! Now I could argue as to why Mark instead of Dr. Serizawa should have sacrificed himself but it doesn't hurt the story that he did. I just hate seeing him go, how's he supposed to watch the rematch of the century? I hate it. Oh and kill my favorite girl why don't you? I can understand if Sally Hawkins could not have been in the next movie or two, I have no issue with that but why kill her off? Just write her out in the next movie, oh she's working on some important research for a new species so she can't come and watch Godzilla wreck Kong. Pisses me off! Urgh, moving on. At least I fully love the monsters, I'm so happy they kept Ghidorah as a space dragon because it improved the movie, Mothra is a friggin' Queen and no one disrespects the Queen and lives, unlike Rodan who's a little bitch and will kneel before anyone, and I really dig the new monsters we mainly see at the end. But good lord I love the big King G, I dig the new updated design, I love how he goes all critical meltdown at the end without dying though technically I guess Mothra transferring her power was another nod to Godzilla Vs. DESTOROYAH, he just was the best. I mean obviously, but you know. PS. I do see the fanart of Mothra and Godzilla, and it is absurdly adorable and I love everything about it. But what will come next after Godzilla Vs. Kong? This was a pretty epic movie with a good story, both bad and really damn good character writing, beautiful cinematography and color, and of course incredibly well done monster scenes. So can the title brawl for the world heavyweight king of monsters surpass this? Only time will tell.

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