Friday, September 20, 2019

BONUS: Baskets: Season 2

And we're back in Bakersfield!

After the surprising end for the first season I genuinely had no clue where the story was going to go next, but I think the second season is just as good if not better than the first. Chip has checked out of his own life and has been train hopping for some time before meeting a group of travelling performers that he grows connected with, but as time goes by the bond they share is broken both metaphorically and physically leading Chip to return home and continue his aspirations to perform. Sadly Martha isn't that major a player this time around but the time she has is great, and she even helps Chip get some clown gigs in the meantime which is nice. But the big shining star of the series is actually Mrs. Baskets, who meets a man named Ken and they kick off together and I'm just gonna say it, I love their relationship. It's a slow growing relationship but when it hits that point it is so precious and sweet I can barely contain my melting heart, they have such a real and charming chemistry and I genuinely do want to see them together, they're an absolute treasure. This season serves as a major uplift to the more emotionally depressed and rough life situation of season 1, sure Chip faces death not once but twice, and has to come to terms with it, yet it's all very much an improving set of events for our characters and you're really happy for them. There's more emphasis on family and the importance of not breaking apart from them which is handled very well. The show is still very funny but I was engaged way more with the story and characters to the point where I was having a ball by the episode before the finale! And yeah the finale gives us a sliver of hope for the future. I enjoy these characters so much and it breaks my heart I only have two more seasons with them. But nevertheless I greatly enjoyed this season, I especially love how nothing is just for a throwaway gag, everything that happens is treated seriously and is brought up again in the story. You just don't see that in comedy shows often. The acting is great, the comedy though downplayed still had no trouble getting a big laugh from me, the story is getting better, and I can't wait to see what happens next for the Baskets family.

Oh we're so close, we're so close to sweet victory. May summer die a horrible death, and long life be given to the night.

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