Friday, September 27, 2019

BONUS: Baskets: Season 3

I don't want another show of mine to end!

It's like every time I watch a show that I really enjoy and become a fan of it gets axed by it's 4th or 5th season, now I know not every show can run for 7+ seasons but damn it I hate when certain shows are over. The third season of Baskets and something I've discovered is, not each consecutive season is better or worse, with a show like Baskets every season has been just as good as the last, the only difference is each season focuses more on comedy or drama. So really, some people would place certain seasons over others depending on which you like more. The first was a mix of both, season 2 was more on the drama, and this season has more comedy while of course still retaining the drama. So Christine has bought a rodeo for the Baskets family, and a good portion of the season is focused on them running a family buisness together, getting the rodeo prepared and starting to get it off the ground. But of course it isn't easy and there's turmoil in the family, Chip can't get a supporting cast of clowns and he actually has to come up with a new clown character for himself, Dale has his hands full dealing with the rodeo financial managing and continues to grow more distant with his wife and kids, and Christine though having a supremely nice relationship with Ken keeps having to deal with a bunch of nonsense. Thankfully we get some more screen time with Martha and I like the evolution her character has had, going from the straight man to Chip's comedy to her having problems of her own and is given more depth into her emotional state and life situation. She's still really funny but she feels more real this time around and I'm gonna be honest, I love her more and more each time I see her, she might be my favorite character. I also like the fact that the show can have fun one off episodes, like Christine and Martha go to Vegas and it gets very funny as you think it would, and we even get a birthday episode for Martha and it could be the best episode of the season. I greatly appreciate that there always is an ongoing story in this show, because it just isn't a common thing for comedy shows, it's either wacky hijinks every episode ie. the sitcom format, or much of the same shenanigans with some minor overarching story that might last 3 episodes before it returns to normal, but this show with every incident that happens in each episode is carried over throughout the season. Dale's divorce comes up and he gets a new wife, Chip meets up with his friends from France and they tell him to create a new clown character, and of course Christine and Ken's relationship continues to grow and they take the next big step. It really is a show you have to watch from beginning to end, because these season finales man....they make you want to come back! And it absolutely kills me I only get one more season with these characters, and I only hope that it can wrap up the story nicely. You know, give it a proper ending. It deserves that much, so you know what I'm going to review the last season before the month is out. I just have to know how it ends.

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