Friday, July 27, 2018

Teen Titans Go To The Movies

Even though it took all day to finally see it, it was still worth it.

I love Teen Titans Go, and their new movie is awesome. In the same vein of The Lego Batman Movie poking fun and satirizing many tropes of superhero films while still telling a good story, I find it just as enjoyable as The Lego Batman Movie. Not better, but just as enjoyable. So we catch up with the team and they are trying to get a movie made about them to be seen as real superheroes and not just a joke. Through several attempts and with no luck they meet a new adversary, Slade who tries to pull a Nygmatech and hypnotize people through a superhero film leading the Teen Titans to leap into action! So much to love in this movie, easter eggs galore, awesome comedy, the animation is so crisp and fresh I want my walls to wear it, voice cast is on point as usual with a surprise guest appearance by Will Arnett as Slade (though I really wanted him to be Batman again) and one more hysterical surprise guest appearance, coupled with so much more to love. In fact, I can only say one bad thing about the movie. They do not credit the original duo that made the Teen Titans theme song. They credit Danny Elfman and John Williams for their iconic scores, and yet no love for Puffy AmiYumi! The Batman and Superman themes play for 5 seconds each, and the Teen Titans theme is played constantly yet you bastards can't give credit to that awesome band?? Fffffffffff-I digress. Beyond that, great movie! Any movie that beats the crap out of Shia LaBeouf.....10/10. 10/10. 100/100! Best film! BEST FILM. Recommended to all but more importantly a certain group. All you fanboys and borderline trolls who constantly belittle Teen Titans Go and praise the original awesome show. I love Teen Titans, in the future I wish to review the whole series because it is so excellent. I also love Teen Titans Go and can appreciate and enjoy what it is, and never look down upon it because it's different. You need to go see this movie. Because this movie, is what will save the original Teen Titans. Tara Strong posted on Twitter that the original show will return if the movie does well, because it shows people want more Titans. a way, this movie could be the finale of Teen Titans Go. I don't think I need to explain further, just go read my Solo review if you don't quite get it. This movie is great, and I will buy it when it hits video.

See you next week good friends.

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