Thursday, July 5, 2018


Well we ended the week on a high note at least.

Well I finally saw Caddyshack, and to be honest I wasn't disappointed. It's a very good movie, and you know what I really noticed this week? All the movies have like, no real conflict until maybe the last 30 minutes or so. Stripes, Animal House, and Caddyshack are very laidback movies. The plot is this sort of ramble on, wandering, meandering story and it works for each film. It gives ample time to get to know these characters, enjoy the comedy and situations, and you don't need to pay that much attention so they are perfect for background playing at parties or while you're working on something. That is exactly what Caddyshack is, you can watch it and be fully invested but you can also screw around and do other things and the enjoyment factor is still strong. So really the true plot only happens about 30 minutes before the credits roll with these uppity golf club owners betting on a game against two regular guys who give the golf club owners grief. There's a lot that happens and yet little that happens. It's more a character movie than a plot movie, you get to know these people well and enjoy them throughout. The actors take kinda simple roles and bring a lot to them. You got Ty played by Chevy Chase, which could be the best character in the movie. Rodney Dangerfield improvises constantly and is just rambunctious fun. Bill Murray is friggin' out there man, like you hear these behind the scenes stories and people were just freaked out around him, which just makes his character more fun to me. The script is what really makes this film, I was surprised because the people talk and act like real people, I can't really say I've seen a film where a conversation between two people has ever felt more real. Caddyshack is without a doubt a must see film, Animal House is more for a movie party with friends, and Stripes I would say is good to watch with your best friend. So definite two thumbs up from me, and I will see you guys next week.

Unfortuantely, I don't have that much to review next week. All I got is the other Hotel Transylvania movies, and that's about it. So I'm excited for that, I'm excited to see Hotel Transylvania 3, it's gonna be a good week!

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