Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Animal House

And yes in my eyes Animal House is a spoof, it has several moments where it's pure exaggeration and ridiculous stuff. Very funny, but nowhere near real. I means seriously, the pillow fight scene......what even the flying circus??

Okay, Animal House. Very fun, that's how I would describe it above even being funny, it's just a fun movie. Concerning a rugged, rule breaking fraternity that is trying to be put down by the stuck up dean. Dirt simple story, but you don't watch Animal House for story. You watch it for good comedic actors playing fun characters, pretty crazy situations, and to have a blast with friends during a movie night. At first I didn't laugh or enjoy the movie much, yet strangely the more I watched the funnier it got. It's harmless fluff really, though it does probably disappoint many who picture college like this. Now I'm sure there are colleges, or universities, whatever the hell you want to call them who do have frats like the ones in the movie, both the preppy rich stuck up jackasses, and the down and dirty fun loving and mainly alcoholic party people. But honestly I did 3 years of community college, and that was enough for me. Which is hilarious cause I just love that line, "7 years of college down the drain." cause I do believe there is a sort of subtle message, the movie setting is in 1962 so the hippie culture is in swing, Vietnam is right around the corner, there was a lot of stuff going down back then so when the Dean threatens them with expellment and military recruitment, you do get this sense of oh shit, a good portion of these guys could go to Vietnam and not make it back. And they actually do tell what happened to the main characters in later years, some are more surprising than others but yeah that was kind of a brief but deep scene for me. Even in comedy movies, you need a point to get back down to reality but the comedy is very good! It's not gut busting funny, and I'm not that much of a snob who can't stand college movies (I'm only sort of a snob who can't stand college movies. Looking at you Van Wilder....) but I still laughed and had fun with it. It's prime material to watch with lots of friends and lots of alcohol, but kids don't get that excited.

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