Tuesday, July 3, 2018


That was the oddest "war" movie I ever seen. Sure it has soldiers and the U.S. Army in the forefront but it's so obviously just a pure comedic film.

Okay so Stripes, a more underrated 80s film starring Bill Murray who after quite a terrible day where he loses his job, car, apartment, and girlfriend in that order decides, screw it I'm joining the army. He takes his best friend played by Harold Ramis along for the ride, cause I guess he didn't have anything going on in his life(?) and so begins bootcamp for them. They train, argue with their superiors, chase love, and do their duty. A pretty basic movie, yet it has charm to it and can keep you invested for the 2 hour run time, primarily just to see Bill and Harold roam about with John Candy. I did have to admit I was kinda shocked that it was rated R, I thought it was like PG but you get to see a lot! Mmmm, love that 80s bush! Jesus Christ. I do recommend it for a fan of either Bill or Harold and want to see some of their earlier work that not a lot of people talk about. We get more popular tomorrow with Animal House, but I never saw Stripes and heard good stuff about it so I decided to talk about it. Not disappointed, but it's for hardcore fans. And I got news for you, I never seen Animal House or the other movie I'm reviewing. How did I go so long without seeing prime examples of comedy movies? That's a very good question, and the answer to that question is......ehhhhh; this is The Dude saying there's no such thing as a stupid movie until you watch it.

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