Wednesday, September 13, 2017

In Retrospect: Rough Night

You know, I think I enjoyed this movie more on a second viewing.

It really is a funny movie with a lot of reasonably crazy women, so I obviously am going to enjoy myself. It certainly brightened up my day when I rented it. The comedy though crude at moments just made me crack up! This is a hilarious movie that deals with some pretty dark, grim stuff like everyone's favorite topic at social gatherings: Murder. And still is greatly amusing. It's like Clue, all these rather eccentric people gather together for a gathering, someone dies, and they try to evade police and other visitors who could see the body. And I loved that movie! Still do! So yeah, I still recommend it to people wanting a fun time. Kate McKinnon still just slays me, like seriously she deserves to be in more movies. My God, just her comedic timing and her facial expressions are comedy gold to me! She just never ceases to make me laugh, and steals the whole damn movie easily. Scarlett is fun but can bring the drama a bit, which I can appreciate so it's not comedy for the sake of comedy. Jillian Bell is kinda well....she's just not nice, let's put it at that but it shocked me at the reason why. I mean that scene has some real raw emotion in it and can hit home for some people. It's a good movie and should be seen again, I certainly enjoyed it more on a second viewing so maybe you will too.

Now, I know there was a movie that hit video yesterday. I want to assure you I did not forget (not by a long shot) so be patient. It will work out. And hopefully, I can get two brand new movie reviews out before next week. So until then, have fun peeps!

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