Saturday, September 16, 2017

American Assassin

Michael Keaton sure has come back huh? Ever since Birdman he's popping up in mainstream movies like Spotlight, The Founder, friggin' Spiderman Homecoming, and now this movie!

American Assassin is a basic but good movie focusing on a man played by Dylan O'Brien who after his girlfriend is killed on a beach by a terror attack, devotes his life to hunting down terrorists when he is picked up by the CIA and trained by a special ghost operation chief played by Michael Keaton. One thing I'm thankful for is the movie moves at a brisk pace, I figured our hero would spend half the movie training and the rest focusing on some big, major, hoohah leading to our climax but thankfully that is not the case. The movie does a good job of holding your attention and keeping you interested the whole way through. The villain is admittedly weak, with no real motivation but really I'm not expecting groundbreaking cinema from this movie. I'm expecting a decent movie to keep me entertained and interested in which case it succeeds. It's a basic movie, but if you know anything about me I can tell you Michael Keaton is the best part. I was surprised at his vocal range, he talks normal but when he has to be intimidating it slips into that Birdman/Batman voice, and at one point he just loses his mind and his voice goes full Beetlejuice and it's great in every way. But even without him, American Assassin is a decent movie that's well worth a rental. It's got good action, a bit of espionage, and for some reason this movie loves shooting women. I've never seen a movie in my life that kills so many women in it's runtime. Like what the hell? If I had a dollar everytime a woman got shot, I could probably buy two movie tickets, I just kept noticing how many times that happens. But anyway, it's a good movie that knows what it wants to be and I can't argue against it. Go see it, rent it, any will do and see if you enjoy it too.

Well that's it for this week. We got an In Retrospect, and two movies I've never seen before due next week. See you then!

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