Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Yes Vincent Price, the titan of terror, what better way to end October?

Ah but not just Vincent Price in tonight's picture, but also my dear friend who I so wish I had the pleasure to meet, Peter Cushing. This formidable duo of horror star in the true cult classic, Madhouse but a few things to clear up first before we begin. Vincent and Peter play actors, so for the sake of this review we shall go by their character names. Vincent Price plays horror icon Paul Toombes as one night he hosts a party and announces he is to be married, but before the night is through his future bride is murdered sending Paul mad with grief, and is kept in a sanitarium for twelve years. He returns to the public eye, and with help from his friend Herbert played by Peter Cushing tries to make him return to the role which made him famous, Dr. Death. But soon more killings arise, leaving Paul to wonder if he is committing the murders as his film persona. A rather good murder mystery story, and for most of the entire film you have no idea if Paul is killing these people or not, which creates great suspense. The true reason you see this movie is because of Vincent and Peter, they elevate this movie from a simple horror movie into an underrated classic. The film was made in 1974, during the course where both actors were reaching the height of their popularity, and it shows they put their heart and soul into their acting, no matter which role they take it is always done with class, elegance, and great presence of both actors. It's a terrific movie, could not love it more if I tried, highly recommend to all horror fans, although I have to admit this film is pretty gory for a movie that has a PG rating. Yeah back then when a PG rating actually meant something! Let me total this up for you. We have, one decapitation, pitchfork to the neck, one hanging, one human shishkabob, knife to the neck, two burnings, multiple backstabbing with spider devouring, 4 stars check it out! And the icing on the cake, the cherry on top of this already delicious sundae, we end the movie with Vincent Price singing. Need I say more?

Join us tomorrow for another classic Vincent Price film.

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