Thursday, October 20, 2016

Carrie (1976)

I've never felt so much sympathy for a movie character in my life.

I mean...mother of pearl, what the hell movie? This girl has to deal with so much garbage, it's unreal. No friggin' wonder Sissy Spacek was nominated for best actress man. Where do I even start with a movie this great? Do I even really have to relay the plot? Just say Carrie, and bam you know! But it is my duty so I will tell the story. Carrie White is a shy, awkward, and absurdly cute high school student who one day discovers after having her period for the first time develops telekinetic powers. Kind of weird premise, but flying colors and hands full of aces in execution. I love this movie! It's so 70s it's almost kinda hard not to like. Actually the more I think about it, this movie really gets me head over heels emotionally involved, far more than other movies I adore. And it all comes down to Sissy Spacek, she carries this movie above and beyond expectations. You can tell she's a local girl, I mean she talks like us, that is an unmistakeable southern accent. She's originally from East Texas, barely 50 miles from my hometown which does nothing but put the biggest smile on my face like it's no one's buisness. I just simply adore her, she's the sweetest thing in this movie, my heart just goes out to her every time. She's purrty. I mean, come on now. I'm with her every step of the way in this movie, from dealing with her psycho ass mom, to all those just mean spirited girls at her school, I'm telling you she puts up with so much abuse. Which is why I love the gym teacher in this, Betty Buckley, major badass in this movie. Great acting all across the board, terrific direction by Brian De Palma, has without a doubt the most sweet and precious scene ever in a horror movie, and one of the most iconic finales in horror movie history. It's the first thing you think of when you say the title, the prom scene! No matter how many times I see it, I just can't believe it! My jaw drops to the floor every time, it scares the hell out of me, it is a slow burn and my God is it glorious. But I got to tell you...the scene afterwards when she gets home, and she starts crying in the bathtub, my heart is shredded to tiny little bits and pieces. That's heavy stuff, it breaks my heart. Very few movies have broken my heart. That's a sign of a pretty awesome movie in my book. I encourage you to see this movie! Worth every minute! 4 stars, two thumbs up, all that good stuff.

Alrighty, one more movie for the week. And strangely it takes place in Texas. Rock on.

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