Friday, October 28, 2016

Dr. Phibes Rises Again

So did this movie surpass the original or did it sink into the depths?

Well, it was okay. For a sequel to Dr. Phibes it does a good job but by no means beats the original. The story is just as basic as the first movie but it's more about the execution than the plot. Phibes has awakened after 3 long years, under slightly weird circumstances, honestly it reminds me of the ressurection scenes in the Hammer Dracula series, which is by no means a bad thing but it does leave one slightly puzzled. Adding more to the fact is countless actors from the original have returned but as different characters, even Phibes' beautiful assistant returns in this movie albeit played by a different actress. This is just bizzare because well she had her face destroyed by acid at the end of the first movie and...I think she died, and yet here she is. I can kinda buy Vincent Price can summon the dead to do his bidding, but I digress. After Phibes awakens he sets off a quest to Egypt to rediscover an old temple and find the waters of eternal life to bring his beloved wife back, with the police still hot on his trail even after 3 years, but that's okay with me because that means we get a bodycount. Many elements that I stated in the first movie is still prevelant here with great set design, great acting as always from Vincent, creative death traps, and an interesting plot. Personally, I recommend the original far more and only the most hardcore of Vincent Price fans to seek out this movie. I have to say though two moments really stuck out to me, one was a very shocking moment although nothing really scary happened, it just took me off guard, and the ending which is a lovely send off to Dr. Phibes as we close the movie out hearing Vincent sing Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Yes, I'm serious.

Tune in tomorrow for a very special treat before Halloween as a send off for the season with a short film.

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