Wednesday, May 18, 2016

This Literally CRAZY Movie Idea I Had

I'm not much of a film director obviously but I've had this idea for a short movie for a good long while since maybe early high school. The reason it's a short movie idea instead of feature length is I know I'm not that talented to make a movie that long. So it would be a short film, and it's a rather novel idea. I don't think I have ever heard or seen any film or movie that has a plot like this, and I'm going to tell you it just for laughs and to sort of do more creative writing. I'm liking these I guess you could call them editorials or something, what's a good name for these things? I don't know. But the plot pretty much goes like this, boy meets girl and they meet through friends of theirs and they hit it off pretty well, they form this very genuine and very loving relationship. Pretty damn standard so far, but you see what they do in their off time and it turns out they are both psychotic killers! They are serial killers, and neither of them know that the other is a psychopath who murders people! You see? You don't see that like ever! And one night they both decide to kill one of their mutual friends, so the girl goes to a movie with the guy and she goes over to his house and meanwhile, the boyfriend is coming over to his house with a movie or something, and he walks in to see his girlfriend stabbing the fraking crap out of this guy and the boyfriend is freaking out and it slips out of his mouth, "What are you doing?!? I was going to kill him!!" and then...they both look up, the girlfriend and the guy who is dying in absolute utter confusion at the boyfriend. A little bit of dark comedy before the boyfriend runs to her, grabs the knife, slits his throat and kills him. And they sit on the couch and they have a very meaningful, true heart to heart discussion about them both being homicidal maniacs. And they legitimately question if they can continue being in a relationship, but eventually they hug each other and share a sweet kiss. Hooray! And the girl looks down and she notices the movie or whatever, and she says, "You like this movie?" and the boyfriend says yeah and then she says, "This is one of my favorite movies of all time!" and the boyfriend's like "Really? Me too! It's awesome!" and then they watch the movie snuggled up on the couch. So after they watch the  movie, they dump the body of their friend in the middle of the night in a dumpster in an alley, and they walk down the alley together hand in hand. The end. If I was ever going to make one movie, this would be it. I love that idea! So you can kinda see why the movie would be a short film, I would probably make the movie maybe an hour or less, that seems the right amount of time to cover everything I just described. I would make the movie practically with no budget, but I would make it to where you love seeing these crazy people in a relationship. You would genuinely care about them. I have seen enough good movies and bad movies, and romance movies to get that right. And that would be the most important element of the story to me is the relationship. This is a very easy film to make, I would need a handful of locations all of which will be local, I would need maybe like 5 or 6 actors total, adequate sound equipment and an editor since I couldn't edit to save my life, I have a video camera I could use, I would need to flesh out the script, and I would need to pick the perfect actors for the couple. That's really easy, high school students make films of that caliber in film class. It's probably a pot dream that won't come to fruition, but maybe one day I would like to make it. Probably before I'm 25. So I got a bit of time to work on it. And the whole film would probably take about a month or two to be finished. I have no idea what I would call it, Mad Love is a great title but it's been used a lot but I'm a sucker for that so it could work or maybe...Crazy Bloody Love. Oh my God that's so cheesy and ridiculous, that would elevate it to a cult film. Oh dear, what am I going to do with myself? I actually want to call it that now cause it sounds like the worst movie title ever but if I do the film right people will love it, and in a generation where word spreads quicker than wildfire it could get a lot of attention. And I wouldn't do this movie for any other reason except the fact that I would love to do it. Nothing else, just solely because I would love to see it be real. It's a no budget dream now, but one day...maybe. One day.

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