Saturday, May 14, 2016

Evolutionary Viewing Of The Internet Critic Part II

And here we are again, reminiscing about days gone by and what made me start this show. A few days ago, I was seriously just going on a long walk down memory lane, and I started remembering more stuff about what I used to watch, specifically on YouTube. They weren't always reviews but just ordinary people making these little videos that they loved to do and I loved watching them. Many of them were just let's players which is a subgenre of online videos specifically to film in real time a playthrough of a video game, and I just loved hearing their commentary on it and seeing them play these games that I have never seen before and it was this new thing to me, now it's pretty standard. Hell, I remember going to the library in high school, sitting in these really comfy chairs and watching those kinds of videos during lunch. I love seeing new video games and just hear people have a good time playing them! I also had a huge revelation that I actually forgot to add in the last Evolutionary Viewing Of The Internet Critic ( Or EVOTIC for short. Sounds like a mix between erotic and evocative. Eww.) and it was that on they had these specials every year commemorating their anniversary, and this is where I witnessed just how massive the scale was when it came to all the reviewers on that site. That's really how they were introduced to me! If they looked interesting, I watched them. But you didn't have to be a fan of every single one of them to enjoy the specials, but if you watch enough of them you get their sense of humor which thus makes the specials more entertaining. They still do them, but they made feature length films of this stuff. Like okay, the very first one was like a 30 minute brawl between the film critics and the video game critics, it was brother against brother, civil war amongst the critics! Then they started making these, pretty much feature films with run times going over 2 hours everytime, with each one getting longer and longer culminating in over a 4 HOUR movie that was the big finale to all the films. And after that, they stated the specials would stay on a more independent style with shorter run times and less of a grand epic scale to it all. And they are pretty damn good, I'd check them out if you are interested. I think they have a list of them on the site but just to save you some time they are called, The 1st Anniversary TGWTG Brawl, Kickassia, Suburban Knights, and To Boldly Flee. But uh...back to our show. Christ that was a long tangent. But anyway, that was part of the reason why I am here today and the really sad part is, some of my friends from way back when....they're not on there anymore. Several of them completely took their channels down while others just sadly aren't making videos anymore. It's very depressing because, they gave me such joy and interest and made me want to do what they did. And I just miss them. It was fun, and I made good friends who I still haven't forgot about. And I pray that they come back one day, because they always have a fan and a friend when it comes to me. Confession time now, way back in I'd say maybe 2008 I wanted to make a video. I wanted to make a music video tribute to Heath Ledger's Joker from The Dark Knight. This was a little bit before the movie came out, and I took various still images and video clips from his performance and tried to edit them all together set to Puddle Of Mudd's Psycho. It was a good idea at the time. But son of a nutcracker I could not for the life of me get the music onto the already edited video I made, and how I made it I have no idea. That was luck! That was going to be my first video on my YouTube channel which I made a little bit before that idea popped into my head. I cannot edit worth a damn, I have no idea how these guys do it and I applaud them. If I was going to make videos...Christ it would be uncut, uncensored, just one long take with no cuts or any sort of editing. Just turn the camera on, have at it, and then switch it off at the end and then upload it. So if like something fell, or if someone came in the room there would be nothing I could do about it. I sure as hell ain't starting all over again, so I guess you would be witness to the madness. Oh, and you know that would be the most rambling, rage induced rant you would ever see in your life. It sounds fun actually! I might attempt that one day, maybe even commit my reviews to video cause somethings get lost in translation ( Ha ha.) so maybe reading it would make the reviews much better. Alright I think I'm done with this. Another day, another rant. Thank you so much for reading, goodnight everybody!

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