Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Clockwork Orange

I really do consider this film art. It is beautifully made, and I love it.

A Clockwork Orange is a brilliant film starring Malcolm McDowell who plays a psychotic criminal, lusting after sex and violence while having a passion for classical music and his subsequent evolution and even de-evolution. The best part of the entire film, besides the set design and the music is Malcolm McDowell's performance. In fact, that's really what the story is carried upon is his performance, and of course it's perfect. It's Malcolm McDowell, you can't get much better then that. Even in horrible movies, he does his damndest and it shows. But this is my absolute favorite performance of his, he is both charming and alarming, sophisticated but brutal. It is quite remarkable. The set design is very interesting, you remember most if not all of the sets. The music is perfect, with original compositions mixed with synthesizer renditions of such pieces like Beethoven's Ninth Symphony and William Tell's Overture and it is excellent! I listen to it on a regular basis! I highly, highly recommend this wonderful film. Yes, it is dark and psychotic but still a great film nevertheless. Viddy it on the screen, and tell me what you think. Tune in on Saturday for one final Kubrick film before the week is out.

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