Friday, May 20, 2016

Mindsets And Memories

The mindset I really think about when I watch shows like Scooby-Doo is you know, there's weird things going on and kids or teenagers go to places they shouldn't go and try to unravel this mystery going on around them. Sort of rebellious teens who do things for the good of themselves, and their families, and their community. My entire life I have watched things with more intellectual mindsets than physical. Most of the shows I watched when I was little were detective stories pretty much. Scooby-Doo where teenagers use their minds and deduction skills to solve mysteries. Batman The Animated Series, you know The World's Greatest Detective solving crimes and fighting villains. It was always characters using their minds over their muscles to solve problems. And it obviously influenced me, it made me use my brain more, basically made me an intellectual at the age of 5. Reading several grades ahead of me, finishing entire school days of work until I had nothing to do, solving puzzles every week were common to me. I lived in the school library for about 6 years, if I didn't have work to do I was reading books. That was the effect these sort of crime/mystery/detective shows had on me. But...I get that kind of mindset from more than just Scooby-Doo. Like, the most prominent example is kids who go to school after dark kinda like in Goosebumps books where kids notice strange things and try to solve it usually under the cover of nightfall. I loved that kind of stuff when I was little, the mystique of it all. The night was much more interesting and fun rather than the day, like so much more fun and cool stuff happened at night not during the day. I wanted to solve mysteries as a kid, travel into the night and do something I shouldn't be doing, that's the stuff I lived for when I was a kid. I was and still am an explorer especially on star filled nights.

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