Friday, July 31, 2015

Star Trek (2009)

Who says you can only be a fan of either Star Wars or Star Trek? This is 2015, we can be both!

I wanted to review something fairly recent and I highly enjoyed both new Star Trek movies so I couldn't say no. So this new reboot of the Star Trek franchise is very, very familiar and yet very different from the Original Series. The story does involve time travel and the consequences it has on the Star Trek universe we all know of, and I mean friggin' consequences. Deaths, destruction of worlds, among many other things really help the story and most importantly of all, the characters. It gives you an opportunity to view these classic and iconic characters in a brand new way and the film is immensely applauded for that, and I'll be damned if I can think of anybody else that could have played this cast of characters better than who they chose. The casting choices were chosen very wisely, and really if they decided to make a reboot of the television series with these actors I would tune in every week. Hell that would be really cool, because we haven't had a Star Trek series since Star Trek Enterprise and that was in 2001 so I would be all for that! I actually have a few gripes with the movie but it's nitpicking at best, the ridiculous lens flares in this movie...I just don't get it. Why is it there? Why make everything flashy when there is no reason for it? But when the starships are battling each other it really works but everywhere else no. I love the exterior design of the Enterprise, it is faithful to the show but still looks incredibly advanced, but the interior is what I take issue with because every damn thing in that ship almost is sterile white. Where is all the color? You remember the Original Series? There was color in every part of that ship, and not just a little I mean a lot! It was just so much more visually appealing back in 1966. It still does that thing where it zooms in that I ranted about in Man Of Steel but it only happens twice and once it's just to show how massive a scene is, so it really isn't such a bother this time around. But there is so much more good stuff on top of the bad thankfully. The casting is perfect, the cinematogrophy is excellent, the music is sweeping, the dialogue is fun, the special effects are so outstanding it was nominated for an Oscar, and the entire movie focuses on Kirk and Spock and that is what people like. If you are not a big science fiction fan or even a Star Trek fan I would still recommend you to see this movie because it really is a lot of fun and you will get your money's worth out of it. And you better believe we will look at the sequel that is even better than this one tomorrow. Until next time, live long and prosper.

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